Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Thiptho lapth!

Therin of Andor,
captain of the USS Hood,
welcomes you to his people's blue sector of cyberspace.


"The Andorian Empire originated on an icy moon of a gas giant orbiting the star known to Earth astronomers as Procyon, or Alpha Canis Minoris. During the equivalent year of Earthdate 2161, Andoria became one of the founding member races of the United Federation of Planets. This occurred only ten years after our first contact with the so-called "pink skins" of Earth, so unlike the Vulcans - who had spied upon us for decades - or the untrustworthy Orions, who tried only to enslave us.

"The azure blue Andorian countenance, typically topped by a shock of albino white hair and blue antennae, has proven to be a startling sight for most sentient aliens meeting us for the first time. Additionally, we are proudly aggressive by nature. Our warrior prowess is often underestimated due to our (usually) slender bodies and soft, lisping voices. Many Andorians listen with the head slightly bowed forward, which again gives some hominid races the idea that we are a subservient species. Believe that at your own peril.

"However, we of Andoria - and our major colony worlds of Epsilon Indi VIII and Epsilon Indi IV - are also proud to be a part of this wider community known as the United Federation of Planets and we gladly serve upon Starfleet vessels for the common betterment of sentient hominids throughout the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrants.

"As captain of the USS Hood during a most exciting period of Starfleet history (from 2272 - 2293), I was honoured to serve alongside some of Starfleet's finest. Presented through these pages will be fictionalised extracts from the logs of the USS Hood and research articles into the Andorian race. May the contents enlighten, educate and amuse you...

"Over the years, this site will continue to grow. A current highlight is a re-presentation of a popular piece of xenoanthropological research into Andorians by the renowned Terran, Leslie Fish, entitled 'A Summary of the Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture'."


* * * * *

"I commend this information site to all humanoids so that you may learn about our people...

"See you some day on Andoria.

"Thiptho lapth,"

... Shras,
Andorian Ambassador to Babel

Ambassador Shras

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