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DS9: A Rogues' Gallery

A Rogues' Gallery of Andorians (cont.)

Andorian references in Deep Space Nine and beyond...

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Andorians and USS Stargazer

Long before becoming captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), Jean-Luc Picard and his USS Stargazer crew were served pale bowls of Andorian punch at a reception. [Stargazer novel Gauntlet (Pocket, 2002) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

A member of the Stargazer's engineering crew is the Andorian named Urajel. [Stargazer novels Gauntlet and Progenitor (Pocket, 2002) by Michael Jan Friedman.] She broke her arm in an encounter with the Nuyyad. [The Next Generation novel Valiant (2000), but not revealed until Gauntlet.] As an Andorian, she rarely grinned. [Stargazer novel Oblivion (Pocket, 2003) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

An Andorian woman is a crewmember of the crippled research vessel Belladonna, which is rescued by the Stargazer. The Belladonna's plight was reported by an Andorian cargo vessel. [Stargazer novel Progenitor (Pocket, 2002) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

Picard and Guinan share a dark brown loaf of Andorian spice bread. [Stargazer novel Oblivion (Pocket, 2003) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

Andorians and Starfleet Academy

TNG-SA Altos

In a flashback to Geordi LaForge's life as a Starfleet cadet, it was learned that one of his Andorian classmates was Altos [in Starfleet Academy: Capture the Flag by John Vornholt, Pocket, 1994.]


The Andorian cadet Ven hails from the colony world of Almadixarian. At first, Ven treats Geordi badly because Andorians believe that babies with physical defects should be abandoned at birth. [Starfleet Academy: Atlantis Station by VE Mitchell (Pocket, 1994).]

TNG-SA Trennek

Geordi leads in the rescue of a female Andorian cadet, Trennek Sann, when her air line comes loose from her spacesuit [in Starfleet Academy: The Haunted Starship by Brad and Kathi Ferguson, 1997.]

TNG-SA Injured

A holographic Andorian ensign receives injuries to his shoulder, head and an antenna during an Academy exercise undertaken by Cadet Beverly Howard, the future Doctor Crusher. [Starfleet Academy: Loyalties by Patricia Barnes-Svarney (Pocket, 1996).]

, extracted from an Andorian bean, is used as a coffee substitute. [Starfleet Academy: Loyalties by Patricia Barnes-Svarney (Pocket, 1996).]

A hyperblat is an Andorian musical instrument played by a sneery Andorian cadet in an unsuccessful audition to find a jazz trombonist for the Starfleet Academy Band. [Starfleet Academy: Crossfire by John Vornholt (Pocket, 1996).]


A female Andorian cadet, Tava, participates in a doomed holosimulator mission with Cadet Kathryn Janeway. [Voyager: Starfleet Academy: The Chance Factor (Pocket, 1997) by Diana G Gallagher and Martin R Burke.]

TNG-SA Zabathu

Their Vulcan colleague, Cadet T'Lor, rides an Andorian zabathu, similar to a Terran camel without the hump. [Voyager: Starfleet Academy: The Chance Factor (Pocket, 1997) by Diana G Gallagher and Martin R Burke.]

SA Pava

The fiery cadet Pava Ek'Noor Aqabaa featured as a regular character. [Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics (1996-98).] She also appeared in the crossover comic mini-series, Telepathy War (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997). As a lieutenant on the USS Titan, Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa, identified as a shen, now serves in the security division. [Titan novel, The Red King (Pocket, 2005) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

Revenge for the death of a colleague is said to be an Andorian custom. ["Passages", #6, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

Pava's Andorian antennae are a tactical advantage in the dark. An Andorian saying goes, "Let your woes become your deadliest weapons." ["Telepathy War, Part 1: Renegades", #12, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

An Andorian cadet joins a student protest in support of Pava's team. ["Telepathy War, Part 1: Renegades", #12, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

SA Kiffis

Cadet Pava owned a pet hybor, an Andorian lapinoid named Kiffis. The animal gave birth at Starfleet Academy and the whole brood went temporarily "were" (as in "werewolf"), transforming into savage gremlin-like creatures. ["Parents' Day", #13, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

SA Undieela

Pava's mother, a famous romance holonovelist named Undieela Noor, was responsible for bringing Kiffis to Earth. ["Parents' Day", #13, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

Undieela calls her daughter "my little shevt'ak", a term of endearment. ["Parents' Day", #13, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

E-M pulse grenades can temporarily blind Andorian eyes and antennae. Andorians believe that death is the fate of someone who betrays a blood trust. ["Betrayal: T'Priell Revealed", #14, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998.]

On Andor, long ago, all-female crews manned the ice schooners. ["Culture Clash", #17, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998.]

The Klingon term for Andorian is anDorngan. ["mangHom qaD!", #18, Starfleet Academy, Klingon Language Edition, by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998.]
An Andorian custom maintains "For blood of mine, I shed blood of yours." ["Between Love and Hate", #19, Starfleet Academy by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998.]

A hologram of Andorian Lieutenant Torbish is the tactical officer in Cadet Nog's Kobayashi Maru simulation. [Strange New Worlds III short story, "The Bottom Line" (Pocket, 2000) by Andrew (Drew) Morby.]

Prynn Tenmei, of Deep Space 9, knew two Andorians while she was at the Academy. They never went to parties, hardly ever touched synthehol and did not respond to suggestions of intimate contact. [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

TNG Thesspiahn

Captain Aydestinguis Thesspiahn, of the freighter Pharsicle, appeared regularly in the online comic strip parody Haul Trek: Misadventures of M'Iskiti. [Created 1998, but since revamped as Freighter Tails: The Misadventures of Mzzkiti) by Paul Gibbs and Bill Redfern. Since the revamp, the captain no longer resembles an Andorian.]

Andorians and Deep Space 9

DS9 Andorian customer

On space station Deep Space 9, the Ferengi bar owner, Quark, once hypothetically offered Constable Odo a suit of Andorian silk. [Q-Less.]

Young Jake Sisko and his Ferengi friend, Nog, are looking forward to the arrival of an Andorian freighter and its shipment of new anti-grav tractors. [The Nagus.]

DS9 Andorian criminal

An Andorian criminal was displayed on a "Wanted poster" in Constable Odo's security office aboard Deep Space 9. [Vortex; If Wishes Were Horses; The Forsaken; Dramatis Personae; Duet; In the Hands of the Prophets.]

Morn, resident Lurien barfly at Quark's, never seems to understand the punchlines of Quark's Andorian jokes, such as the ones that ended with "...and then the Andorian said, 'Your brother? I thought it was your wife!'" [The Nagus] and "... then the Andorian said, 'This is not my antenna!'" [Homefront.]

Pel booked passage to the Gamma Quadrant from Deep Space 9 aboard an Andorian transport. [Rules of Acquisition.]

Lieutenant Eddon is an Andorian tactical officer on Deep Space 9. [Devil in the Sky (Pocket, 1995) by Greg Cox & John Gregory Betancourt.]

Doctor Bashir believes that Jadzia Dax's hair smells like a mixture of plankton from Cilas XII and Andorian wildflowers. [Devil in the Sky (Pocket, 1995) by Greg Cox & John Gregory Betancourt.]

Andorians visit Deep Space 9 in the young adult novel Highest Score (Pocket, 1996) by Kem Antilles, as well as in the novel The Heart of the Warrior (Pocket, 1996) by John Gregory Betancourt.

Quark intends to advertise collectible Andorian jewellery on the station's computer monitors. [The Jem'Hadar.]

DS9 Theleb

Theleb is the Andorian barman whom Bashir meets on the transport vessel, Risa Express. [The Maquis: Soldier of Peace comic mini-series (Malibu, 1996); reprinted in graphic novel form (Boxtree, 1996).]

Keiko O'Brien complains that her husband is like an Andorian bull, due to the way he broods and stomps around whenever he's disappointed. [Fascination.] This beast is known as an alneesh. [The Andorians: Among the Clans (Last Unicorn Games, 1999) by S. John Ross, Steven S. Long and Adam Dickstein.]

A chirurgeon named Ghee P'Trell of Andoria and Doctor Julian Bashir of Deep Space 9 were both unsuccessful nominees for the Carrington Award, Earthdate 2371. P'Trell is a gerontological physician. "Chirurgeon" is of Greek origin, an archaic English term for "surgeon". It is not made clear if P'Trell is Andorian, or simply based on Andoria. [Prophet Motive.] Ghee P'Trell is eventually revealed to be a Caitian resident of Andoria, and the current head of Starfleet Medical on Earth. Chirurgeon is thus an Andorian honorific for a physician (or at least the Universal Translator's attempt at the term). [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.] Doctor McCoy once worked on Earth with an Andorian chirurgeon named Shivol. [Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

An Andorian called Erib had been a Starfleet Medical School colleague of the future Doctor Bashir. Doctor Elizabeth Lense, of the USS Lexington, had their identities confused for many years, as a result of her mistaking Erib for Bashir at a party. [Explorers.] Erib's full name is Shelerib th'Zarath. [Avatar, Book 1 (Pocket, 2001) by SD Perry.]

Andorians seem to find beauty in what many hominids consider to be garishly conflicting colours and patterns: an Andorian trader's vessel is painted internally a seemingly mismatched combination of bright green, hot pink and pale blue against canary yellow, or burnt orange beside vivid purple. The trader claimed to be docked at Deep Space 9 for repairs, but Constable Odo finds him dead, presumably poisoned. Several Andorian freighters and trader ships have been attracted by rumoured Jibetian treasures on Deep Space 9. It appears that most Andorians do not find the stench of rotting food and rubbish to be offensive. [The Long Night (Pocket, 1996) by Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch.]

Andorians go into shock easily, even after minor injuries. They also cannot tolerate chocolate. Haslev-Rahn disease, a congenital disorder, is endemic among Shesh-caste Andorians. [Invasion: Time's Enemy (Pocket, 1996) by LA Graf.] Andorian scientific genius Muav Haslev was featured in the Star Trek novel Death Count (Pocket, 1992) by LA Graf.

Kai Winn wonders if Starfleet would come to Bajor's aid in a Jem'Hadar attack, foregoing the safety of Vulcan, Andor or Berengaria. [In the Cards.]

The stocky Andorian captain of the USS Bellingham is Vraath ch'Evram. [The short story, "Night of the Vulture" by Greg Cox, in Tales of the Dominion War (Pocket, 2004).]

Commander Worf considered mountain climbing on Andor as a honeymoon vacation, although his wife Jadzia Dax had other plans. [Change of Heart.] Kasidy Yates also briefly considered the mountains of Andoria as a destination for her honeymoon with Benjamin Sisko. [Strange Bedfellows.]

When the Dominion invades the Federation planet of Betazed, grave fears are held for the future of so-called "safe" planets, including UFP founding worlds such as Andor, Vulcan, Tellar and Alpha Centauri. [In the Pale Moonlight; Pocket Books' The Next Generation: The Battle of Betazed (2002) by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney.]

Andorian Doctor Setheleyis th'Rasdeth was a counsellor with an unconventional approach who helped Jadzia Dax in her decision to return to the Trill symbiont initiate program. He also taught at Starfleet Academy, where Julian Bashir had undertaken his classes on the benefits of positive visualization in psychotherapy. Although he wanted nothing to do with the Dominion War, th'Rasdeth leaves his civilian practice near the Cardassian border to serve aboard the USS Zephyr and is killed in battle. He was 58. ["The Devil You Know", a short story by Heather Jarman in Prophecy and Change (Pocket, 2003).]

Captain Lisa Cusak, late of the USS Olympia, tells the USS Defiant crew that she was once in a relationship with an Andorian civilian for six years. He was working on Andor with the Agricultural Ministry and disconcerted her, at their first meetings, by always pointing his antennae at her. [The Sound of Her Voice.]

Quark is suspected of murdering an Andorian gambler named Dal Nortron, but Quark suspects Andorian sisters, Satr and Leen. The Orthodox Andorian Vengeance Cycle coincidentally begins its 330th iteration on the first day of Earth's 25th century. [Millennium novel trilogy (Pocket, 2000) by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens.]

Andor is known for its arts and crafts; Lieutenant Ezri Dax's mother, Yanas Tigan, imported new tiles for her solarium from Andor. Norvo Tegan, Ezri's gifted artist brother, had hopes of attending the Andorian Academy of Art, which is considered "the best" of its type, but his application was rejected. [Prodigal Daughter.]

For information on the current situation on Deep Space 9, click HERE.

Andorian cuisine on Deep Space 9

Commander Benjamin Sisko recalls an incident involving Curzon Dax, Science Officer Kustanovich of the USS Livingston, and eight helpings of Andorian redbat. [Invasive Procedures.] Lieutenant Jadzia Dax enjoys Andorian tuber root more than Sisko and he lets her steal some off his plate. Seyetik presents a recipe to the station's officers that requires the use of an Andorian boiler. [Second Sight.]

DS9 Andorian ale bottle

Authentic Andorian ale is available from Quark's bar [Meridian] as are Andorian Sunset cocktails. [DC Comics' The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover mini-series.] An Andorian citric beverage sampled by Nog tasted like a clear, fizzy version of the smell of a Terran goat in lemon oil. [Avatar, Book 2 (Pocket, 2001) by SD Perry.] Roasted Andorian flatroot is a delicacy popular with the Ops staff. [Mission Gamma, Book 2: This Gray Spirit (Pocket, 2002) by Heather Jarman.] This is also known by its Andorian term, hari. An Andorian stimulant beverage, katheka, is similar to Terran coffee. [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

An Andorian Fast Food outlet (Shop 01-754) is located on The Promenade [as seen on the directory board in the television special, The Science of Star Trek].

Recipes for Andorian Tuber Root (in a pie, topped with marshmallows!) and an Andorian Ale (a yellowish, nutty version with a foamy head) are featured in the Star Trek Cookbook by Ethan Phillips and William J Birnes (Pocket, 1999). Roasted flatroot, a brownish orange Andorian vegetable dish, and imparay redbat, a meat dish, go well with faridd, an Andorian beverage. [Enterprise: Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]

Andorians and USS Voyager

During an incident on the stranded Federation starship, USS Voyager, it was revealed that Andorian amoeba reproduce via symbiogenesis. Lysosomal enzymes in symbiogenetic creatures merge with another species to create an entirely new lifeform. [Tuvix.]

Ensign Daphne Mandel, of the Voyager, has an overstuffed Andorian cashmere chair in her quarters. Her crewmate, Ensign Harry Kim, has a liking for Andorian spice cake. [Cybersong (Pocket 1996) by SN Lewitt.]

VOY Elite Force

After Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, selected Andorian Starfleet officers sign aboard. [Elite Force II CD-ROM game, (Activision, 2002).]

VOY Elite Force IIVOY Elite Force

Andorian warriors and cut-throat assassins feature as foes of Starfleet's Elite Force. [Elite Force II CD-ROM game, (Activision, 2002).]

HOM Andorian bridge

Some Andorian bridges are fortified with weaponry. [Elite Force II CD-ROM game, (Activision, 2002).]

In the Mirror Universe, Agent Seven of the Obsidian Order, Annika Hansen, disguises herself as an Andorian to complete spy missions. The male Andorian Intendant of Andor is almost strangled to death by Regent Worf. Later, Overseer Kira plants DNA evidence at a murder scene to implicate supposed Andorian assassins. Worf is so enraged over the death of Intendant Deanna Troi that he declares the Great Andorian Massacre, inciting genocide of the entire Mirror Andorian race. [The novel duology Dark Passions (2001) by Susan Wright.]

Andorians and S.C.E. (Starfleet Corps of Engineers)

The Andorian Commander Grelin is an officer in Starfleet Intelligence. [The eBook, S.C.E: Interphase (Pocket, 2001) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore; reprinted in Have Tech, Will Travel (2002).]

Gredlahr is an alcoholic beverage native to Andor. It is similar to rum, but sweeter. [The eBook, S.C.E: What's Past, Book Four: Distant Early Warning (Pocket, 2006) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

Andorians and USS Titan

SA Pava

Lieutenant Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa, who attended Starfleet Academy with Nog, serves in Security. [Pocket Books' Titan novel, The Red King (2005) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

Commander Deanna Troi, of the USS Titan, looked to the speeches of Queen Thalisar and the poetry of Shran for inspiration when that ship's dedication plaque was being brainstormed. [Titan: The Red King (Pocket, 2005) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

Referring to pre Federation events, a Vulcan proverb says, "Only Soval could go to Andor." [Pocket Books' Titan novel, Orion's Hounds (2006) by Christopher L Bennett.]

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