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TOS: A Rogues' Gallery

A Rogues' Gallery of Andorians

Aggressive by nature, the Andorians' warrior prowess is often underestimated due to their slender bodies and soft, lisping voices. Andorians listen with their heads slightly bowed...

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Star Trek: The Original Series era

TOS ShrasTOS "Journey to Babel"

Ambassador Shras (played by Reggie Nalder) was the Andorian Ambassador appointed to participate in the negotiations to admit Coridan into the Federation. [Journey to Babel.]

TOS ThelevTOS Thelev revealed!

Thelev (played by William O'Connell; stunts by Jim Shepherd) was a minor aide in the ambassadorial party, but he murdered Tellarite Ambassador Gav. Implicating Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan, he then attempted to assassinate Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). Thelev was revealed to be an Orion spy on a suicide mission and had been surgically altered to pass as an Andorian. A transmitter was hidden inside one of his false antennae. [Journey to Babel.]

TOS Andorian thrallTOS Gamesters

An Andorian drill thrall (played by stunt man Dick Crockett) was rendered unconscious in battle by Captain Kirk while they, and numerous other hominids, were the captive property of the Triskelions. [Gamesters of Triskelion.] In the James Blish episode adaptation, and presumably the original script, this thrall was not an Andorian. Instead, the alien was described as a bald, purple-skinned "thing", with its nose-holes covered by flaps of loose tissue. [Star Trek 12, Bantam, 1977; reprinted by Bantam Spectra in Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 2 in 1991.]

TOS TlolluTOS Tlollu

An Andorian (played by Richard Geary) was an inmate of Elba II, a rehabilitation outpost for the criminally insane. [Whom Gods Destroy.] In the short story collection Star Trek 5 (Bantam, 1972), adapted by James Blish, this Andorian was referred to as Tlollu by Lord Garth. [Reprinted by Bantam Spectra in Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 3 in 1991.] It has been revealed that Tlollu was cured of his insanity within two years of receiving the new medicine delivered by Kirk's Enterprise. Returning to his home planet, he recommences a productive existence. [The novel, Garth of Izar (Pocket, March 2003), by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski.]

Doctor Leonard McCoy's comments about intramuscular injections seem to infer that Andorians have a vastly different circulatory system to other hominids. [Whom Gods Destroy.] This is confirmed in The Brave and the Bold, Book 1: The First Artifact (Pocket, 2002) by Keith RA DeCandido, when Doctor Dave Derubbio's successful treatment for an Andorian virus causes cardiac arrest in a human.

TOS Andorian suede tabard

One of the human patients at Elba II can be seen wearing a traditional Andorian suede tabard. [Whom Gods Destroy.]

TOS Krotus

Krotus was a noted historical despot who, in the opinion of Fleet Captain Garth of Izar, was among others who failed to achieve Garth's ideal of ultimate conquest. [Whom Gods Destroy.] Krotus was the Ka'Thelan Conqueror of Andoria, who forced the Andorian populace into a new cultural and technological era. His empire ultimately crumbled and he was murdered by his own daughter. [The Andorians: Among the Clans by S John Ross, Steven S Long and Adam Dickstein (Last Unicorn Games, 1999) and Enterprise: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing by Michael A. Martin.]

TOS More Memory Alpha researchersTOS Memory Alpha researcher

Several Andorian researchers were killed on Memory Alpha by alien entities. [The Lights of Zetar.]

A genius mentioned together with Einstein and Daystrom of Earth and Sikar of Vulcan, was Kazanga. [The Ultimate Computer.] According to the Spaceflight Chronology (Pocket, 1980) by Stan and Fred Goldstein, he is said to have been an Andorian who postulated the theoretical basis for warp communication not long after "first contact".

TAS Commander Thelin

Commander Thelin (voiced by James Doohan) was the alternate timeline replacement for Enterprise's First Officer Spock, created when the normal timeline was broken. He vanished again when Spock travelled through the Guardian of Forever time gate. It is revealed that Andorians, typically, are not known for charity. Thelin states that a warrior race has few sympathies, but that one that they do have is for family. [Yesteryear, an episode of Filmation's Star Trek Animated; Mr Spock's Time Trek View-Master adaptation.] Spock later discovers that his reality's Thelin served as second-in-command on the USS Ticonderoga and, one year after his posting, was killed in an avalanche during a survey mission on an unexplored planet. [Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

In an alternate "Yesteryear" timeline, Commander Thelin continues to fulfill the career that Spock could not. Thelin's pale complexion is due to some Aenar heritage. [The Chimes at Midnight by Geoff Trowbridge, in the novella omnibus, Myriad Universes, volume 2 (Pocket Books, 2008).]

TAS "The Time Trap" aliensTAS Elysian

An Andorian spokesperson, stranded with his crew (one seen in silhouette), was a member of the multi-racial Elysian Council in the "Sargasso Sea" region of space known as the Delta Triangle. [The Time Trap, an episode of Filmation's Star Trek Animated.] The Councilor was still in office when Elysia was visited by the USS Lovell [S.C.E.: Where Time Stands Still (Pocket eBook, 2004) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

Beyond the Classic and Animated Series

The darkly reticent Andorian science officer of USS Bombay is Lieutenant Thanashal ch'Shonnas, also known as Shal. [Vanguard: Harbinger (Pocket, 2005) by David Mack.]

Starbase 47's Andorian dentist is Doctor Thelex. He has a rare sense of humour and wears spectacles with octagonal lenses. [Vanguard: Harbinger (Pocket, 2005) by David Mack.]

The salvage bay at Starbase 47 is supervised by Master Chief Shalas, an Andorian female. [Vanguard: Harbinger (Pocket, 2005) by David Mack.]

There is an Andorian eresh'tha (place of worship) on Starbase 47. Its senior member of the clergy is Zharran sh'Rassa. [Vanguard: Harbinger (Pocket, 2005) by David Mack.]

Andorian ensigns on the USS Endeavour, th'Shendileth and sh'Dastisar, complain that the ship's food slots are seemingly not programmed to deliver Andorian cuisine, but the problem is faulty meal cards. [Vanguard: Summon the Thunder (Pocket, 2006) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

An Andorian thaan, a Starfleet lieutenant, is a security guard on Starbase 47. [Vanguard: Summon the Thunder (Pocket, 2006) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

A scantily-clad Andorian zhen feeds fruit to Orion trader Ganz on his ship, the Omari-Ekon. [Vanguard: Summon the Thunder (Pocket, 2006) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

Starfleet Academy Cadet Vrathev zh'Ethre was once treated for psychotic beserker fits. It was discovered that the parafa, the Andorian equivalent of the human adrenal gland, had been hypercharged. Cures for Andorian viruses do not necessarily work on humans, even though xelaxine, a serum by-product, is toxic to both. [The First Artifact in The Brave and the Bold, Book 1 (Pocket, 2002) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Andorians are immune to the siren-like effects of female Paladonians. [The First Artifact in The Brave and the Bold, Book 1 (Pocket, 2002) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Doctor Shona Exar was a female Andorian biologist with twin sons. The boys' physiologies reflected their parents' mixed heritage; Shona's husband, Albar, was a red-skinned Fornaxian. The boys had purple skin, black hair and Andorian antennae, but they were complete opposites in personality. It was revealed that the scientists had produced a single hybrid child by natural means. Internal incompatibilities made it necessary to "twin" him with experimental 23rd century technology [in Ni Var by Claire Gabriel, Star Trek: The New Voyages 1; edited by Marshak and Culbreath, Bantam, 1976).]

TOS Aaraka

A geophysicist named Doctor Stoy Aaraka was suspected of a murder on board the USS Enterprise . ["Sweet Smell of Evil", #48, Gold Key Comics, 1977.]

A faulty medical tricorder registers that Kirk's landing party are suffering from Andorian distemper, a disease fatal only to Andorian camels, which the tricorder insists they have become! Spock and Uhura speak in various Federation languages, including Andorian, to avoid the cybernetic Shechenag aliens from translating their plans for escape. It is discovered that an ancient Andorian folktale, similar in theme to the Irish story of Brigadoon, seems to relate to Tlaoli, the site of The Janus Gate. Most Andorian storytellers end their tales with a message about the protagonist's heart regaining "lost desire". [The Janus Gate trilogy by LA Graf (Pocket, 2002).]

Ambassador Robert Fox once resolved an Andorian-Tellarite conflict early in his career. [Errand of Fury: Seeds of Rage by Kevin Ryan (Pocket, 2005).]

Andorian Vilashrel th'Rithsiria, also known as Shrel, was chief of staff to the United Federation of Planets' President Wescott. [Errand of Fury: Seeds of Rage by Kevin Ryan (Pocket, 2005); Errand of Fury: Demands of Honor by Kevin Ryan (Pocket, 2007).]

TOS Pirate

One pirate who invades the Enterprise is an Andorian [in the graphic novel All of Me and reprinted in the compilation Other Realities (WildStorm, 2001).] Most of his cohorts are Orion.

TOS Armand

Duplicates of Armand St. John appear to the Enterprise crew [in All of Me and the compilation Other Realities (WildStorm, 2001). While the real St. John is human, his duplicates have the physiology of many hominid races known to the Federation. One of these duplicates is an Andorian.

A homeless Andorian girl with atrophied antennae, is attacked on a planet (catalogued as TNC 50) by a robotic Klingon assassin. Andorians had once searched this heat-stressed planet in a bid to understand their own pre-nova sun. [Memory Prime by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens (Pocket, 1988).]

H'rar is the male Andorian assistant of Chief Administrator Salman Nensi, of the Memory Prime library facility. H'rar wears a ceremonial dagger and believes, like most Andorians, that all of existence is "a life-or-death conspiracy". His boss finds it an endearing trait. H'rar has cobalt-coloured blood and can speak in Lesser Andorian. Uhura can speak Greater Andorian. [Memory Prime by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens (Pocket, 1988).]

One thousand years ago, long before joining the United Federation of Planets, the Andorians had all their lawyers executed. [Memory Prime by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens (Pocket, 1988).]

Captain Farl and his Andorian troopers (one a sublieutenant) are assigned to protect the Memory Prime library facility. Farl's regulation light armour has small strips of gral fur crisscrossed over the chest plate, an allowable concession to his clan standing. Like most Andorians, Farl has no concept of "personal space". He calls his troopers his "little brothers". When no escape pods remain, and an explosion is imminent, he tells one Andorian technician, a private, that revenge for their deaths will fill the next 1000 years on Andor. [Memory Prime by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens (Pocket, 1988).]

When a supposedly-Vulcan assassin "bleeds" blue liquid, he is assumed to be a disguised Andorian, but the liquid is coolant, from a robotic construct. [Memory Prime by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens (Pocket, 1988).]

TOS Sharav

The rebellious Sharav was responsible for the poaching of rare Berengarian dragonhorns. Sharav has a partial exoskeleton. [The Dragons of Berengaria: Part Two by Brian Franczak in Enterprise Incidents #8, 1980.]

TOS Hunter 2TOS Hunter 3
TOS Hunter 1TOS Hunter 4

Sharav had a team of four Andorian hunting colleagues. [The Dragons of Berengaria: Part Two by Brian Franczak in Enterprise Incidents #8, 1980.]

Doctor Threllvon-da and his team of fellow Andorian scientists, including Thoron, studied an archaeological site on Alnath II in The Klingon Gambit (Pocket, 1981) by Robert E Vardeman. The doctor's name is alternatively rendered "th'Rellvonda" ["The Tears of Eridanus" by Steve Mollmann & Michael Schuster in in Myriad Universes: Shattered Light (Pocket, 2010).]

An Andorian scout ship is featured in Dreams of the Raven by Carmen Carter (Pocket, 1987).

A red-blooded hominid disguised as an Andorian is found stabbed in How Much for Just the Planet? by John M Ford (Pocket, 1987).

The Andorian Doctor Nomias Gzin was a representative of the Federation Xenological Institute based on Elcidar Beta III in the Pocket Books novel Ghost Walker (1991) by Barbara Hambly.

The Assan was an ancient class of Andorian weavers. During a time of global pestilence, called The Scourge, they were restricted in their movements. Telev belongs to the ancient Healer class and is the last of his profession to survive. Avae, Evalla, Sathev and Shaav, all sufferers of the disease, are cured by Telev's Bane. [The Next Generation: The Devil's Heart (Pocket, 1993) by Carmen Carter.]

TOS ScienceTOS Comm

The science officer of the USS Kobayashi Maru II is an Andorian in The Best of Star Trek compilation (DC Comics, 1991). He had been depicted as a redshirt in the original comic annual. ["The Final Voyage", #A2, Star Trek Series I, 1986.]

TAS Animaniacs

A pair of animated cartoon Andorian Starfleet "redshirt" recruits (one male, one female) made a brief appearance in an Animaniacs episode. They are duped into missing their assignment to Kirk's Enterprise. [Star Truck.]

TAS "Dexter's Laboratory"

A science fiction convention attendee, dressed as a female Andorian with star-shaped antennae cups, has a cameo in a Dexter's Laboratory episode. [Star Check Unconventional.]

TAS Family Guy

At a different science fiction convention, a male attendee is dressed as an Andorian in a cameo in a Family Guy episode. [Not All Dogs Go to Heaven.]

Klingon warriors rob Starbase 6's vault by loading security crates of Andorian exchange units onto the USS Bakker. ["Action of the Tiger" in Star Trek Unlimited, #2, (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997).]

A pod of Petraw took advantage of an unnamed Andorian merchant deep in the Beta Quadrant, tricking him out of his vessel and stranding him on a Class-M planet. [Gateways novel One Small Step by Susan Wright (Pocket, 2001)].

The tall, well-mannered Andorian Errico blushes purple when embarrassed. [The novel Sanctuary by John Vornholt (Pocket, 1992)].

Listed on a race manifest is Eienven, a space vessel that represented Andor, Epsilon Indi, in the Great Starship Race of 2269. Its Andorian captain was Thais. [The Great Starship Race (1993) by Diane Carey.]

Several Andorian Enterprise crewmembers are part of a group of singers who regularly congregate on the Rec Deck. [The Wounded Sky by Diane Duane (Pocket, 1983).]

An Enterprise crewmember is the Andorian Ensign Lihwa [in the Pocket novel My Enemy, My Ally (1984) by Diane Duane.

Captain Kirk and his crew play host to an Andorian ambassador named Thelev in the Pocket Books novel Mindshadow (1986) by JM Dillard, but this may be a typographical error (ie Shras?)].

Enterprise security officer Ensign Lamia is a young Andorian woman with startling celery-green eyes [in the Pocket novels of JM Dillard: Bloodthirst (1987) and The Lost Years (1989)].

TOS Therin as a redshirt

Commander Therin (played by Ian McLean) was a crewmember of the USS Enterprise and made his literary debut in an Australian fanzine, Beyond Antares. Therin also starred in two audiovisual productions, Sale of the 23rd Century and Perfect Botch, later transferring to the USS Hood, as featured in Data, Kiron III and the New Zealand fanzine, Katra.

Eight Andorians are part of the usual 17-crewmember complement of the cruiser USS Raven under Captain Ross Fontaine. [Black Fire by Sonni Cooper (Pocket, 1983).]

An Andorian pirate with one droopy antennae serves with the renegade Captain Astro and is killed because he does not trust a disguised Spock. [Black Fire by Sonni Cooper (Pocket, 1983).]

Gary Seven believes that the fishing community of Blackwaterfoot on Earth sounds like something badly translated from Andorian. [The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume II by Greg Cox (Pocket, 2002)].

Commander Araev zh'Rhun is first officer of the USS Lovell, which visits Elysia in the Delta Triangle on a rescue mission for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. [S.C.E.: Where Time Stands Still (Pocket eBook, 2004) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore; Vanguard: Summon the Thunder (Pocket, 2006) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

TOS Fermat

An Andorian captain of the starship Fermat joins Kirk at a high-level briefing at Starbase 6. ["Action of the Tiger" in Star Trek Unlimited, #2, (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997).]

TOS Sharag

Spock consults with Acting Captain Sharag of the Fermat while Kirk and the Andorian's captain are at Starbase 6. ["Action of the Tiger" in Star Trek Unlimited, #2, (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997).]

A male Andorian Starfleet nurse is posted to the intensive care ward on Starbase 10. [Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

TOS B'fuselekTOS Tressaurian

Lieutenant B'fuselek (played by Joshua Caleb, aka Josh Johnson), is communications officer on the USS Exeter in the fan-created episode Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire by Jimm & Josh Johnson. He also features in the theatrical documentary Trekkies.

Lieutenant B'fuselek also features in the fan-created live-action episode, Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection and the proposed Starship Exeter: The Atlantis Invaders.

TOS Andorian spy

An Andorian spy, Number Seven (played by Brian Peter), is loyal to Kinthmus and the Tri'Leth Brotherhood of Epsilon Indi IV. He also serves as a liaison between Andorian rebel groups and their Klingon allies, which causes havoc for the crew of the Exeter. [The Savage Empire.] (A revised Andorian seal is featured on B'fuselek's home planet. [The Savage Empire; courtesy of Jimm Johnson.])

TOS Kinthmus

Many Andorian scholars regard Kinthmus (played by Keith St. Louis) as the greatest statesman of his day. Once a provincial governor of Epsilon Indi IV, he now leads the Tri'Leth, a renegade clan of dissident Andorians. In his fanatical quest to force Andorian withdrawl from the Federation, Kinthmus has enlisted the help of the Klingons. They have provided him with a device that stifles interplanetary communications. It prevents the Andorian government from contacting Starfleet. [The Savage Empire.]

TOS Senator Therin

Father of Commander Therin, Senator Therin ae'Shefareth (played by Ian McLean), represents the Andorian Planetary Council and advises the Exeter. [The Savage Empire.]

REL Therin Park

Therin Park can be found on Andor. [Andor: Paradigm, a novella by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1, Pocket, 2004.]

TOS Lithtor

The Andorian lithtor is an aggressive, antennaed, reptilian species found on Epsilon Indi IV. It is capable of devouring a hominid. [The Savage Empire.]

TOS B'fuselek animated

Lieutenant B'fuselek returned in the fan-created, online comic based on Star Trek Animated, Starship Exeter: Home is Not a Place.

Prior to returning to Starfleet for the V'ger crisis, Doctor McCoy had worked at the Bruggeman-Johnson Medical Research Center with an Andorian chirurgeon named Shivol, whom McCoy calls Shiv. The Andorian has pale blue skin, a bald pate and white antennae. [Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

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