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MOV: A Rogues' Gallery

A Rogues' Gallery of Andorians (cont.)

A new subspecies of Andorian was introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture...

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Star Trek: The movies era

MOV Female Andorian ambassadorMOV Male Andorian AmbassadorMOV Female Andorian ambassador

Three Andorian ambassadors are in transit at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth during the V'ger crisis. They are of a sub-species of Andorian featuring smaller, tendrill-like antennae located on the forehead. [Star Trek: The Motion Picture.]

MOV Male makeup test - close-upAndorians sketchMOV Female

Additional Andorians featured in makeup tests. Hominid ears, once assumed unnecessary for an antennaed race, are also visible in close-up stills. [Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Director's Edition DVD bonus material.]

MOV Andorian flabbjellahMOV Male makeup test

Male Andorians equip themselves with a flabbjellah, a traditional combination of weapon and musical instrument, according to the book The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Susan Sackett and Gene Roddenberry. After settling in Federation space, the Fabrini play soft strains of Andorian flabbjellah music over their public address system. [Ex Machina (Pocket, 2005) by Christopher L Bennett.]

MOV CrewmanMOV Enterprise crew

After its famous five-year mission, numerous Andorian crewmembers sign aboard the refitted USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and are present for a briefing about V'ger. [Star Trek: The Motion Picture.]

The food processor units aboard this upgraded USS Enterprise include a wide selection of Andorian cuisine, including akharrad, alardi partinna, dreaak, duuploni, honar, necreena, skopar, sohla t'pocowan and yutann. [Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise (Pocket, July 1987) by Shane Johnson.]

MOV Shantherin th'Clane

Crewman Shantherin th'Clane is a male Andorian security guard (portrayed by fan extra John Watts) serving aboard the Enterprise and is also present at the V'ger briefing [Star Trek: The Motion Picture]. Identified and named in the novel Ex Machina (Pocket, 2005) by Christopher L Bennett. Character named for Star Trek fan, Ian McLean.

Bosun's Mate zh'Ral is a female crewmember of the Enterprise. [Ex Machina (Pocket, 2005) by Christopher L Bennett.]

Doctor McCoy's ex-wife travels through the Andorian Asteroid Belt on her way to Tarsus II. ["The Real McCoy" (story arc #3), Los Angeles Times syndicated newspaper comic strip, 1980.]

MOV LA Times

An Andorian crewman discussed the proposed secession of the Zaranites from the UFP. ["The Real McCoy" (story arc #3), Los Angeles Times syndicated newspaper comic strip, 1980.]

MOV LA Times 2

An Andorian engineer is part of an Enterprise landing party enslaved by Husians. [Story arc #6, Los Angeles Sunday Times syndicated newspaper comic strip, 1980.]

MOV Andorian ensign

Aboard only briefly for the new mission under Kirk was the Andorian security guard killed by Klingons during landing party duty. ["The Haunting of Thallus!" and "The Haunting of the Enterprise!", #4-5, Star Trek Series I, Marvel Comics, 1980.]

MOV Theras

Lieutenant Theras, an Enterprise biophysicist, was temporarily possessed by the disembodied "Unity". ["Experiment in Vengeance", #9, Star Trek Series I, Marvel Comics, 1980.]

MOV ThemonMOV Troll revealed!

Lieutenant Chekov's Andorian girlfriend, Lieutenant Themon, assisted the landing party to solve a mystery regarding some alien trolls found amid a seemingly-abandoned Andorian colony world, Valerian. Themon's Andorian gemstone necklace is a recognised symbol of friendship. ["There's No Place Like Gnomes", #16, Star Trek Series I, Marvel Comics, 1981.]

Cally Sherrin of XenoBiology Lab IV is selling a best quality, used Andorian b'hiva. It has had one careful owner, no dropouts and no lost meaning, and its warranty still in force. Asking price is 180 credits or best offer. [Spock's World (Pocket, 1988) by Diane Duane.]

One of the alien Designers' holocube displays shows "white-horned" (sic) Andorians. [The Prometheus Design (Pocket, 1982) by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath.]

The Andorian Member of the Federation Council warns about the dangers of the Marie Celeste Sector and complains when his translator is inadequate for converting a Biblical reference to Job and the Devil. [Triangle (Pocket, 1983) by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath.]

A grayth is an Andorian feline. [Triangle (Pocket, 1983) by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath.]

The passenger transport space vessel, A.T.S. Shras, named for the famed ambassador, was featured in the novel Death Count (Pocket, 1992) by LA Graf.

Andorian scientific genius Muav Haslev's disappearance almost caused the outbreak of war in Orion-Andorian space. [Death Count (Pocket, 1992) by LA Graf.] Haslev-Rahn disease, a congenital disorder, is endemic among Shesh-caste Andorians. [Invasion: Deep Space Nine: Time's Enemy (Pocket, 1996) by LA Graf.]

An interactive program of Andorian origin, In-Flight Training, Tri-D Simulation #22715.33, used for helm training on their atmosphere-capable cutters, has evolved into a popular recreation among Starfleet officers. It is now usually referred to simply as Space Cadet. [Rules of Engagement (Pocket, 1992) by Peter Morwood.]

Theras shoorShras of Andor, son of Chief Ambassador Shras, was held hostage and murdered in the Pocket novel, Dwellers in the Crucible (1985) by Margaret Wander Bonanno. Shras is also Prelate of the state religion and, as a sign of the blood-mourning rite, he scars his face and arms in memory of his dead son. Deep scrapes on the forearms are a ritualitistic expression of the ongoing grief of bereavement. [Mission Gamma, Book 2: This Gray Spirit (Pocket, 2002) by Heather Jarman and Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

The daughter of Shras Endilev, as he is sometimes called, is Phell'nun Endilev. The grandfather of Shras, Sheras Endilev, supposedly helped to found the United Federation of Planets. [The Andorians: Among the Clans (Last Unicorn Games, 1999) by S. John Ross, Steven S. Long and Adam Dickstein.]

Former USS Enterprise yeoman, Tonia Barrows, worked alongside 209 Vulcans, a pair of Andorians, a Coridan, a Phylosian and a Horta, on the Vulcan science vessel, Sakar. [Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

Starfleet Academy Cadet Theron and Trainee Thiril are colleagues of Saavik. [The short story, "Just Another Little Training Cruise" by AC Crispin, in Enterprise Logs, Pocket, 2000.]

The simulated planetoid of Keti Bandar, featured in Carol Marcus' Project: Genesis presentation [Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan], was a natural satellite of Epsilon Indi. The skewed constellation of the Big Dipper (with an extra star, the Earth's own sun, Sol) can be clearly seen (as explained in the magazine Cinefantastique.) There is no truth to the rumour that blue-coloured Romulan Ale is actually pureed Andorian.

MOV Therin meets Grol

Captain Therin (played by Ian McLean) transferred to the USS Hood, as featured in Data, Kiron III and the New Zealand fanzine, Katra.

Montgomery Scott is a collector of samples of alcoholic beverages, including Andorian wine-analog. ["Scott" in Star Trek II Biographies by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1982 and "A Vulcan, a Klingon and an Angel" in Star Trek III Short Stories by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1984.] The drink is also enjoyed by Kirk and Admiral Tatenen. ["The Blaze of Glory" in Star Trek II Short Stories by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1982.]

The book Andorian Nervous Systems was written by Teresa Flynn, Sc.D. ["Bibliography" in Star Trek II Biographies by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1982.]

MOV Shapeshifter as an Andorian

"Enigma" (aka Trisha Fox), a human female with shapeshifting abilities, disguised herself as a male Andorian crew replacement in an effort to kill her father, Ambassador Robert Fox. ["Who is... Enigma?", #6, Star Trek Series I, DC Comics, 1984.]

MOV Lyndra Dean

Journalist Lyndra Dean, of the Proxima News Service, assisted Admiral James T Kirk to clear his name after rescuing Spock from Genesis. ["New Frontiers: Homecoming", #16, Star Trek Series I, DC Comics, 1985.]

MOV Thimon

A few months later, Commander Thimon, an elderly Andorian with feathery white hair, who had served on the USS Enterprise and USS Excelsior (NX-2000), prepared for his imminent retirement from active service. ["The Trouble with Bearclaw", #29, and "Maggie's World", #31, Star Trek Series I, DC Comics, 1986.]

An unwitting Andorian brings aboard Spock's USS Surak a lethal plague virus, and must be stopped before his shuttle reaches the Romulan Neutral Zone. ["The Doomsday Bug: Death Ship", #34, Star Trek Series I, DC Comics, 1987.]

MOV Melchior

Melchior was a cruel cohort of "Captain Zair" (aka Garth of Izar) during a plot to assassinate James T Kirk. ["Aspiring to Be Angels", #49, and "Marriage of Inconvenience", #50, Star Trek Series I, DC Comics, 1988; reprinted in the collection Who Killed Captain Kirk? (1993).]

MOV UFP CouncillorMOV Igrilan Kor

Two Andorian members of Starfleet served as councilors at the trial of James T Kirk and his bridge crew following the destruction of the USS Enterprise and the Genesis planet. One Andorian had a traditional appearance (and was probably Captain Therin!), but the other clearly featured hominid ears, balding hair, white eyebrows, plus the insignia of a Rear Admiral. [Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.] He has since been named as Rear Admiral Igrilan Kor, former captain of the USS Eagle, a vessel with an all-Andorian crew. [Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Narrator's Guide (Decipher, 2002).]

The novelisation by Vonda N McIntyre featured additional computer questions for Spock during his retraining. One question concerned an Andorian scientist named Shres, who had created a four-dimensional time gate. [Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.]

Andorians refer to Starfleet as "the army of the stars". [Who's Who in Star Trek #1 (DC Comics, 1987).]

MOV crewman - DC

A male Andorian crewmember attends Konom the Klingon's bachelor party, and the wedding of Nancy Bryce and Konom. ["Getaway", #46, through to "Marriage of Inconvenience", #50, DC Comics Series I, 1988); some issues reprinted in Who Killed Captain Kirk? (1993).] This is probably the same Andorian lieutenant seen in later years. ["The Return!", #1, "Repercussions", #4, and "Secrets...", #27, of Star Trek Series II, DC Comics, 1989/1990.]

MOV Lamia

Presumably the female Andorian on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) [in the graphic novel Debt of Honor by Chris Claremont (DC Comics, 1992)] is security officer Ensign Lamia, who had previously appeared in JM Dillard's novels.

Several Andorians are known to reside on Nimbus III, the so-called "Planet of Galactic Peace". One inebriated Andorian is easily knocked unconscious by Klingons [in the novelization of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by JM Dillard (Pocket, 1989).]

Disaffected immigrant miners from the planet Charulh live in Andor's capital city. St. John Talbot negotiates on their behalf with the female Andorian governor, but her son is kidnapped and killed when Talbot inadvertently insults the Charulhans. [Novelization of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by JM Dillard (Pocket, 1989).]

MOV Faces of God

According to Sybok of Vulcan, the Andorian word for "Eden" cannot be pronounced by non Andorians. [Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.]

MOV Andorian GodMOV Andorian god sketch

One of the many "faces of God" adopted by the evil entity trapped at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, was said to be that of an "Andorian Christ". (Not visible in the film, but the Andorian guise was featured in DC Comics' adaptation and archival make-up tests and sketches in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Special Edition DVD.)

MOV Andorian Ambassador

The Andorian ambassador restrains the Klingon ambassador during an altercation with the Nasgul at a meeting of the Federation Council. ["Repercussions", #4, of Star Trek Series II, DC Comics, 1990.]

Lieutenant Clev is a gamma shift communications officer on the Enterprise during the rescue of crewmembers of the USS Gargarin, which had gone missing eight years earlier. [In the Name of Honor (Pocket, 2002) by Dayton Ward.]

Captain Gralev of the USS Gargarin was a female Andorian. [In the Name of Honor (Pocket, 2002) by Dayton Ward.]

In the original unpublished manuscript (c 1991) by Margaret Wander Bonanno (for the novel, Probe), entitled Music of the Spheres, an assistant curator at the Egyptian Museum on Earth is an Andorian. Sharf is on an Andorian student visa, studying Egyptology. In regard to using people of influence and palm-greasing, Sharf claims that "... it's how we do it on my world." He is told to bite his tongue. "Both of them!"

MOV SleepyMOV Out cold Andorian

A bounty hunter, Sweeney, had two Andorian henchmen working for him. James T Kirk, while captive, tried to lull one to sleep by humming a tune into his antennae, but the ploy failed. The second Andorian was rendered unconscious with a phaser. ["Going, Going...", #8, Star Trek Series II, DC Comics, 1990.]

MOV Andorian customer

A shady Andorian is described by Trelane as a "regular" at Freighter Stopover Z348/5, also known as Sponaugle's Spawning Ground by the Quellan Sector locals. ["A Little Man to Man Talk", #45, Star Trek Series II, DC Comics, 1993.]

Andorian chargé d'affaires Thak is part of the Enterprise's second mission to visit the Calligar race. He invokes the Andorian deity, Ghu, when taken prisoner. He wins the Zankar-Bowles Prize for creative fiction after writing a musical play based on his experiences with the Calligar. [The Rift (Pocket, 1991) by Peter David.]

Commander Vandar of the Andorian class D-3 starship, Stealth, is on hand to support Thak when negotiations become difficult. [The Rift (Pocket, 1991) by Peter David.]

MOV Cadet Vanda M'Giia

A female Andorian cadet, Vanda M'Giia (played by Julianna Robinson), participated in a training exercise with Captain Kirk and Commanders Chekov and Sulu. M'Giia was the only survivor of an early Klingon invasion of Lursen Prime, an Andorian colony world. Years later her diplomat father and the rest of her family were said to have been massacred on a disputed planet, Bicea, near the Klingon Neutral Zone. Or were they? [Interplay's multimedia CD-ROM game and Diane Carey (Pocket Books) novelisation, Starfleet Academy (1997).]

MOV Cadet group

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Vanda served aboard the Federation destroyer USS Hernandez. Klingon Intelligence Services monitors her whereabouts in case it assists in tracking down her father, a Federation ambassador. Vanda has also been linked to radical political movements within the Federation. [The multimedia CD-ROM game, Klingon Academy (Interplay, 2000).]

MOV Ambassador Dunev

Dunev M'Giia, father of Vanda, is the current Andorian ambassador to the Federation. He is typically fiery and outspoken when the need arises and a skilled diplomat. However, Dunev is not always fully supportive of Federation policy which Klingon Intelligence Services indicates can be useful if a way can be found to properly apply this knowledge. [Interplay's multimedia CD-ROM game, Klingon Academy (2000).]

Thlema of Andor, a xenopsychologist specialising in Klingons, acts an adviser to the UFP President in the novelisation of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Pocket, 1992) by JM Dillard.

Ambassador Thivan, an Andorian and former engineer, who designed many of Starfleet's leading space facilities, arrives on Alonis to replace Spock when the Vulcan unexpectedly resigns his position with the Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs. [Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

Sarek and Amanda attend a summit on Andor not long after Spock's announcement. [Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

MOV Andorian thugs

Two Andorian thugs, henchmen of the Klingon mercenary Kort, menaced Uhura and Chekov in the Pocket novel, and DC Comics' adaptation, The Ashes of Eden (1995), by William Shatner with Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens.

MOV Shran - manga

A young Lieutenant Commander Shran was chief engineer of the USS Constellation II in the comic book parody collection, Star Trekker by Atelier Lana (Antarctic Press, 1991).

MOV Shatner and blue friends

A pair of Andorians feature on the pre-release cover slick of William Shatner and Chris Kreski's book, Get a Life! (Pocket, 1999). The final cover has them in black and white, surrounded by other aliens.

MOV Thelian

The United Federation of Planets' President at the time of the first historic meeting with the Legarans was an Andorian, Thelian. [WildStorm comic, Enter the Wolves (2001).] On her last day on the USS Enterprise-E , Lieutenant Christine Vale was reading a hardcopy biography of President Thelian. [Titan: Taking Wing (Pocket, 2005) by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels.] Thelian's full name is revealed as Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

In the 24th century, former Starfleet officer and UFP President Thelian is too frail to attend the funeral of former President Jaresh-Inyo, but does appear on the current affairs program, Illuminating the City of Light. When he was UFP president, he oversaw the building of Chateau Thelian, in the Loire Valley of France, which is still used by each President as the official residence. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

An Andorian female, Thithta, is Communications Officer on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) in the short story, "Hour of Fire" by Robert Greenberger, in Enterprise Logs (Pocket, 2000).

An Andorian Starfleet yeoman named Ethari works alongside First Officer Commander Saavik on the USS Armstrong, while Andorian Commander Tholav serves as Science Officer on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), in Vulcan's Heart by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz (Pocket, 1999).

Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior was reminded of the twin moons of Andor when he glanced at the eyes of a surprised Ambassador Aiden Burgess during a mission. [The Lost Era: The Sundered (Pocket, 2003) by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels.]

Lieutenant Elias Vaughn travels to Space Station KR-3 on the transport vessel Andoria. [The Lost Era: Serpents Among the Ruins (Pocket, 2003) by David R George III.]

Individual Andorian gristhera morsels are a commonly-served hors d'oeuvre at Federation diplomatic functions. [The Lost Era: The Art of the Impossible (Pocket, 2003) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

MOV Commander ThelinMOV Myriad Universes 2

In an alternate "Yesteryear" timeline, Commander Thelin continues to fulfill the career that Spock could not. Thelin's pale complexion is due to some Aenar heritage. [The Chimes at Midnight by Geoff Trowbridge, in the novella omnibus, Myriad Universes, volume 2 (Pocket Books, 2008).]

MOV Female Andorian - FASAMOV Mines of Selka
MOV Andorian womanMOV Among the Clans

Andorians feature in a range of roleplay game sourcebooks and reference guides. [FASA and Last Unicorn Games.]

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