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TNG: A Rogues' Gallery

A Rogues' Gallery of Andorians (cont.)

Andorians were rather conspicuous by their absence during the next generation...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation era

Former The Next Generation staffer Tracy Tormé once revealed at a convention that his original proposal for the episode Conspiracy included an Andorian Starfleet officer as the host of the alien parasites. The lines of dialogue were eventually given to Dexter Remmick, and the blue skin given to Captain Rixx the Bolian, when the producers (ie. Rick Berman) told Tormé: "We don't do antennae on this show."

TNG Starchart

Andor is shown on the large star chart graphic seen behind the chair in the room where Dexter Remmick is killed. [Conspiracy.]

TNG Thivov

Andorian Starfleet Admiral Thivov directs the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) on a secret mission during its first year. ["Here Today", #6, DC Comics mini-series, 1988; reprinted in the comic collection, Beginnings, 1995.]

Wesley Crusher recognises Epsilon Indi from a Ten-Forward window. [The Child.]

TNG-SA Zabathu

Andorian riding equines called zabathu can be a recreation program selection on the Enterprise's holodecks. [Pen Pals.] Signage outside the holodeck identifies this program as Equestrian Adventure. [Star Trek: First Contact.] The beast resembles a Terran camel, without the hump. It typically has short, white fur, a silky, golden mane, blue eyes and a thin tail with a furry tip. [Voyager: Starfleet Academy: The Chance Factor (Pocket, 1997) by Diana G Gallagher and Martin R Burke.]

The current Andorian ambassador to the UFP is Shrall K'Tik. [The Worlds of the Federation (Pocket, 1989) by Shane Johnson.]

Lieutenant Thralen, a Theskian with blue skin, antennae and yellow fur-like hair is an Enterprise crewman. His race is "related" to Andorians, but is "more gregarious". [Metamorphosis (Pocket, 1990) by Jean Lorrah.] Lorrah had intended that Thralen actually be an Andorian, but was requested by the then-Star Trek Office at Paramount to make the change, since there were "no Andorians among the Enterprise-D crew". Jean Lorrah was seemingly paying homage to some Andorian speculations from the old zine article, A Summary of the Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture (1976) by Leslie Fish, a friend from her fanfic days (eg. references to Thralen's "the Great Mother" deity).

During her year as Head of Starfleet Medical, Doctor Beverly Crusher and her colleague, Doctor Carter Greyhorse, created a vaccine for Andorians against Kevratan Plague. [The Next Generation: Death in Winter (Pocket, 2005) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

Spacefaring renegade Andorians are at large in the Alpha Quandrant in the 24th century. [The Survivors.] They were still active after Captain Montgomery Scott's arrival on the Enterprise-D. [Engines of Destiny (Pocket, 2005) by Gene DeWeese.]

Andor is identified on a tactical situation monitor, which showed progress of the Klingons in their war with the Federation in an alternate timeline. [Yesterday's Enterprise.]

TNG Lal choice

While serving as a crewmember of the USS Enterprise, Lieutenant Commander Data created an android child, Lal, which he encouraged to select its own appearance and gender. Lal almost chose the guise of an Andorian female (Kristina Kochoff). Here it was confirmed that no Andorians served on this USS Enterprise. [The Offspring.]

TNG Thala

Thala was a blind, orphaned, Andorian girl, eventually adopted by Doctor Selar. [The Eyes of the Beholders (Pocket, 1990) by AC Crispin.] It is likely that Thala is of Aenar descent. [Enterprise: The Aenar.]

Administrator Thuvat, of the Andorian colony world Thonolan IV, was not eager to find placement with a foster family for Thala, since Andorians abhor disabilities amongst their populace; there are continued rumours as to the practice of exposure of imperfect infants to the elements. Note: When the book's author attempted to create a religion for the Andorians, the response from the Star Trek Office was "Paramount has developed no such culture or religion for the Andorians. Please delete all references to the Andorian culture or religion."

TNG "Q Who" Borg attack

Thala's diplomat father, Thev, was identified as one of the passengers on the USS Enterprise killed when the ship was under Borg attack. [The Eyes of the Beholders (Pocket, 1990) by AC Crispin; Q Who.]

TNG Holiday on Risa

An Andorian tourist (played by Kristina Kochoff) was on Risa at the same time as Captain Picard and Vash. [Captain's Holiday.]

TNG Andorian as Dixon Hill

In the holodeck adventure, Dixon Hill and the Case of the Golden Serpent by Rob Vaux, a male Andorian player demonstrated the game's parameters in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Role Play Game supplement, Holodeck Adventures (1999) by Last Unicorn Games.

An Andorian group bid was made for Tellurian spices offered up by Kivas Fajo. [The Most Toys.]

Four partners are usually required for an Andorian marriage. [Data's Day.] As the unique Andorian biology necessitates certain "expectations", it is considered unusual that an Andorian has not married by the age of twenty-three. The four Andorian genders can be signified by prefixes used with the surname, such as ch' and zh' (birth mother). [Deep Space Nine: Avatar duology (Pocket, 2001) by SD Perry.]

An inept Andorian waiter apparently gave Geordi LaForge a moving Klingon meal. [The Mind's Eye.]

A four-armed alien musician, Amarie, offers to play some "Andorian blues" for Commander Riker. [Unification.]

The female Andorian Lieutenant Tor serves at the conn of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). She had recently transferred from the Nisqually. [Dragon's Honor (Pocket, 1996) by Kij Johnson & Greg Cox.] Character named for Tor Publishing, where editor, John Ordover, and the two writers have all been employed at some point in their careers.

TNG HargonTNG Sartur

Hargon (above left) and Sartur (above right) are Andorian henchmen who assist a dangerous Trill to escape from Tantulus VII. ["The Barrier" and "Homecoming", #23-24, The Next Generation, DC Comics, 1991; reprinted in The Starlost (1993).]

As a boy, Spock once experimented with the music of Kreleth of Andor, according to the rambling memories of his father, Sarek. Sarek speculates that Spock may now be teaching the Romulans about music, including Andorian music. Sarek also recalls that Spock's mother, Amanda, wanted to try growing Andorian eth'la vines in her garden on Vulcan. [The short story, "Dementia in D Minor" by Mary Sweeney, in Strange New Worlds V (Pocket, 2002).]

TNG Korudos

Lieutenant Korudos holds the position of Security Chief on the starship USS Discovery in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Role Playing Game manual (1998) by Last Unicorn Games. This book also informs that Morsha of Andor serves as Starfleet Command's Secretary of Defense. Ancient legend tells of female clan leader and scholar-warrior Lor'Vela who created the famous Andorian dueling rituals. Doctor Sharas Vetra was responsible for finding a cure for Orion Plague.

TNG GameTNG Dead Andorian
TNG Game 2

Andorian warriors (with greenish blood!) feature in Klingon Honor Guard, the MicroProse multimedia CD-ROM game (1998). The Andorian captains use a traditional weapon called a sith har.

An Andorian pirate freighter is beautifully fitted out, with reflective floors, transporter rooms and Federation-style touch pads. [Klingon Honor Guard (MicroProse multimedia CD-ROM game, 1998).]

Andorian miners aggressively defend precious, explosive, blue crystals in Klingon Honor Guard, the MicroProse multimedia CD-ROM game (1998).

A lone Andorian can be found in a room in the main mining complex of the Klingon moon, Praxis. [Klingon Honor Guard (MicroProse multimedia CD-ROM game, 1998).]

TNG ProstituteTNG Andorian dancer

Female Andorian prostitutes and lap dancersattempt to provide distractions to Klingon soldiers. [Klingon Honor Guard (MicroProse multimedia CD-ROM game, 1998).]

TNG Schwin

Schwin is an Andorian cook supporting an archeology team, of which Captain Picard is a part, on Rajatha Prime. [Captain's Pleasure, #2, The Next Generation comic mini-series, The Space Between (IDW, 2006), by David Tischman.]

Captain Jean-Luc Picard develops a craving for srjula, an Andorian tea, after an encounter with the Devil's Heart talisman. He also reads chapters of Oral Histories From The Andorian Middle Kingdom and has a vivid flashback to his Academy days, in which Telegar, a female cadet when Picard was a freshman, competes against him in the Academy Marathon. [The Next Generation: The Devil's Heart (Pocket, 1993) by Carmen Carter.]

Andorian diseases, such as diostrophic fever, tend to be specific to Andorians. An Andorian trading ship was blamed for spreading a plague. [The Death of Princes (Pocket, 1997) by John Peel.]

Captain Tharev is the Andorian commander of space station Deep Space 7. [Infiltrator (Pocket, 1996) by WR Thompson.]

The Old Ways

OW "The Old Ways" covers
Alternate covers of "Alien Spotlight: Andorians: The Old Ways".

OW Ortees

During Earth's 24th century, Commander Ortees Sharad is an Andorian analyst in Starfleet Intelligence. Owed some extended leave, he travels with the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) to Andor, where Captain Picard has an appointment to meet with the Andorian Chancellor, aiming to urge him and his people to become more involved in Federation activities. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW Andorian students

Arriving on Andor, Sharad first runs into a group of angry young students. They insult his uniform and call him "Fade", a recently-popular, local slang term inferring that the subject either has Aenar blood in his veins, or that he's been "tamed" by Federation "pink skins" and has "sold out" to humans. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW Andorian greetingOW ShaaOW Andorian couple

Sharad is rescued by Shaa, his younger brother. An Andorian Guardsman, Shaa mentions that there have been Guardsmen in the family for five generations, on all four sides. The brothers greet each other by rubbing antennae together. They pass an Andorian couple with a baby. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW Mother ThraOW ShrallaOW Trajun

Mother Thra (presumably the zhen matriarch of the clan) has prepared a feast of Andorian redbat and tubers to welcome Sharad home. Two more of his parents, Starfleet Lieutenant Shralla (presumably the clan's shen), and her partner, Trajun (presumably the thaan), are also present. Shralla compares the students who had menaced Sharad to Andorian ice snakes. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW ToraOW Andorian siblingOW Andorian girlOW Andorian boy

Four younger siblings include Tora. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW ThrynnOW Old WayersOW Andorian bar guests

Sharad's longtime romantic interest, whom the family hope will become one of his bondmates one day, is the warrior, Thrynn. She also wears the uniform of the Guardsmen. They meet in a bar and discuss mutual friends, Tahryn and K'Stran, whom Sharad once met up with at Quark's on Deep Space 9. Thyrnn claims that the current Andorian Chancellor was elected by the "Old Wayers". Sharad compares the rise of the political faction known as the "True Heirs of Andor" (T.H.A.), to the infamous Andorian renegades, or even to ice bores. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW "True Heirs of Andor" (THA)OW Kovan

Sharad is ambushed and placed into a holding cell by members of the True Heirs of Andor, and Thyrnn reveals that she is also a member. Now wearing the traditional metal-studded suede tabard and chainmail of the T.H.A., Thyrnn claims to be the commander of the unit who has captured him. Sharad quickly realises that General Kovan himself oversees the operation. The General was behind the subterfuge in the Triangulum system, which had involved a dismantled Andorian vessel. Kovan tells Sharad that Thyrnn had held to a hope that Sharad would join the cause of the T.H.A. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

OW Andorian guardsOW More Andorian guards

Thrynn is commanded to send for four guards so that Sharad can be interrogated. Sharad cleverly goads the General by challenging him to a duel, under the code of Ushaan. Thrynn tries unsuccessfully to offer herself to fight Sharad, under the substitution ruling, but Koval is determined to fight his own battle. Proving he is no "pinkskin's pet", Ortees Sharad defeats Koval with a borrowed ushaan-tor, proving Sharad's worth as a "true Andorian" through a demonstration of his superior cunning, skill, passion and honour. [Alien Spotlight: The Andorians: The Old Ways by Paul D Storrie (IDW Publishing, 2007).]

Towards Generations

Elen Miraitis is the Andorian executive officer of the starship Oraidhe. [Intellivore (Pocket, 1997) by Diane Duane.]

Dahna Andorians are a sect which believes the universe should have remained lifeless. [Intellivore (Pocket, 1997) by Diane Duane.]

Grey-skinned, antennaed Echo Imjim, an Andorian/Mizarian hybrid lives on planet Helena, in the demilitarised zone near Cardassia Prime. Her ten-year old son, Harper, is a quarter Andorian with truncated antennae, his father being a native of Troyius. [The Next Generation: Double Helix: Quarantine (Pocket, 1999) by John Vornholt.]

Bokor, described as a "uniblood" Andorian, is another resident of Helena. [The Next Generation: Double Helix: Quarantine (Pocket, 1999) by John Vornholt.]

The Federation were warned of events by an Andorian trader, whom the Maquis renegade, Chakotay, permitted to escape aboard a shuttle. [The Next Generation: Double Helix: Quarantine (Pocket, 1999) by John Vornholt.]

No Andorians are present in The Captain's Table tavern when Captain Jean-Luc Picard relates the story of his involvement in Andorian politics. Picard learned of a previous Andorian ruler from an elderly female storekeeper in a bazaar in Laibok, the Andorian capital. [The short story, "The Captain and the King", by John Vornholt, in Enterprise Logs, Pocket, 2000.]

Much information about Andorian government is revealed by Picard in that visit. He was instrumental in the substitution of Andorian democracy for the old hereditary monarchy. After the suspicious sudden deaths of King Collev and Prince Bregev, Andorian society split into the ex-military Red Sash and old-guard Absolutist factions. Both factions had a totalitarian bent. A deposed monarch returns from exile on Pacifica, following Picard's suggestion to the Andorian factions, but when this King Thurl of Greater Andoria is assassinated (and his corpse fed to native boars called kritkraws in the remote Valley of Sorrows, in accordance with royal tradition), his place is taken temporarily by his son, Prince Yevan. The female Red Sash leader, Jandara, plots to overthrow the young prince before the Absolutists can coronate Grand Counsel Levak, but finally General Hargrev is offered leadership of the new democracy when the Prince abdicates in his favour for the sum of a million bars of latinum. [The short story, "The Captain and the King", by John Vornholt, in Enterprise Logs, Pocket, 2000.]

An Andorian prison transport commander named Macaskill, and his crew, lose an important Danteri prisoner to Starfleet's Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. [The Next Generation novel Double Helix: Double or Nothing (Pocket, 1999) by Peter David.] Character named for Andy MacAskill, a friend of Peter David's.

Maquis representative Tharia ch'Ren is a yellow-eyed Andorian with long, feathery, white hair that extends to the small of his back. His three bondmates were Ushra, Shers and the thaan, Athmin. After their deaths nine months earlier, Tharia's zhavey (birth mother) had advised him not to return to the former Federation colony, Beaulieu's World, in the Federation-Cardassion Demilitarized Zone. [The Third Artifact in The Brave and the Bold, Book 2 (Pocket, 2002) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

In an altered timeline, the Borg have overrun Andor, assimilating the entire population and converting the planet into a Borg base of operations, just as they did to Earth centuries earlier. [Engines of Destiny (Pocket, 2005) by Gene DeWeese.]

The colonists of Bersallis II enjoy the Andorian game, elan'tina, which is similar to Capture the Flag. [New Worlds, New Civilizations short story, "Ashes, Ashes" (Pocket, 1999) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

An Andorian diplomat was assigned formal first contact duties with the Ferengi Alliance in 2364. [New Worlds, New Civilizations short story, "A Dry Day on Ferenginar" (Pocket, 1999) by Michael Jan Friedman.]

Telepathic artist Saryana of Uran is able to perceive images of Andorians and other aliens from Deanna Troi's thoughts. [The short story, "The Farewell Gift" by Tonya D Price, in Strange New Worlds V (Pocket, 2002).]

Ambassador Sarahd of Andor was present for the signing of the charter of the United Federation of Planets, according to an article on a scrapbook page from Captain Jean-Luc Picard's album. The ambassador spoke of "future greatness for the infant union" and "predicted rapid expansion". He engaged in bitter fracas with the Tellarite ambassador, but was named as the UFP's first Vice President. [Star Trek Generations; album displayed at the Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas Hilton.]

The transport vessel SS Shras, named for the Andorian ambassador, conveys Doctor McCoy to Alonis to inform Spock of the death of James T Kirk. [Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows (Pocket, 2006) by David R George III.]

Andorians and the New Frontier

DS9 Andorian ale bottle

Andorian ale is available on board. [The short story "The Road to Edos" by Kevin Dilmore in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).]

The gender of the Andorian navigator on the USS Musgrave was difficult for non-Andorians to determine. [The short story "The Road to Edos" by Kevin Dilmore in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).]

The USS Excalibur discovers a dome from an Andorian building, identifiable from unique markings along the lower rim, on planet Nelkar. It is assumed salvaged from an abandoned Andorian border colony near Sector 221-G. [Pocket Books' New Frontier novel The Two-Front War (1997) by Peter David.]

Lieutenant Cray, Andorian security chief of the USS Grissom, is featured in Pocket's New Frontier novel The Captain's Table: Once Burned (1998) by Peter David. [Also the short story "Performance Appraisal" by Allyn Gibson in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).]

Members of Captain Calhoun's USS Excalibur crew encounter an Andorian named Krave, who is revealed as a university student prankster being toyed with by Q. [New Frontier: Excalibur: Requiem (Pocket, 2000) by Peter David.]

As a teenager on Rimbor, Robin Lefler studied Andorian poetry and had an Andorian friend named Whis (for short), whose mother was a Starfleet security officer. [The short story "Lefler's Logs" by Robert Greenberger in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).] Whis has recently been promoted to chief engineer of the USS Nautilus and is revealed to be a friend of Geordi La Forge. They recently attended a symposium on Tellar together. [A Time to Love and A Time to Hate (Pocket, 2004) by Robert Greenberger.]

An Andorian, Ensign Snell of the USS Livingston, is part of the away team which Burgoyne leads to Damiano. [The short story "Oil and Water" by Robert T Jeschonek in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).] Character presumably named for Star Trek movie makeup special effects artist, Richard Snell.

TNG Desma

Three years on, the USS Trident's female executive officer is Commander Desma, who serves under Captain Mueller. [After the Fall (Pocket, 2004) and Missing in Action (Pocket, 2006) by Peter David; also Turnaround comic mini-series and reprint omnibus (IDW, 2008) and Treason (Pocket, 2009) by Peter David.]

Some people believe that the requisite psychological profiles for entrance to Starfleet are biased against Andorians, resulting in their under-representation. Andorian embassies were savagely attacked during the Selelvian War. Despite their membership in the UFP always being "shaky at best", the Andorians were said to have fought valiantly and were a great help to the Federation. [After the Fall (Pocket, 2004) by Peter David.]

Andorians and USS Enterprise-E

After a caving accident, Lieutenant Hawk was carried over his partner's shoulder "like a sack of Andorian curm'esh". Hawk's previous captain on the USS Yorktown was an Andorian named Kentrav. [Pocket Books' Section 31 novel, The Next Generation: Rogue (2001) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

Several Andorians join this new version of the starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-E). The Next Generation novel, The Q Continuum: Q-Space (Pocket, 1998) by Greg Cox, mentions an Andorian crewmember on the new Enterprise. He has been rushed to sickbay with a detached antenna. This is possibly the same Andorian, a security guard, mentioned in the Strange New Worlds III short story, "A Private Victory" (Pocket, 2000) by Tonya D. Price.

Transporter Chief Rhofistan, his assistant Tyriden, and an unnamed helmsman, are Andorian crewmembers on the Enterprise. [The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave trilogy (Pocket, 2000-2002) by John Vornholt.]

The Andorian mercenary Topor nonchalantly reveals that his mother was killed by his father. [Maximum Warp, Book One: Dead Zone (Pocket, 2001) by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur.]

Deanna Troi is described as having the constitution of an Andorian ox. ["Reality's End", #1, Telepathy War by Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997.]

TNG Pyrella

A doomed male Andorian bar patron of the Perdition outpost of Pyrella Minor is blind in one eye and has one antenna. ["The Enemy of My Enemy" in Star Trek: The Next Generation Special, #1, (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998).]

TNG Shar

Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane, or Shar, Science Officer of Deep Space 9, participates in a joint mission with the crew of the Enterprise. [The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover comic mini-series, Divided We Fall (WildStorm, 2001), by John Ordover and David Mack; also collected in a German language omnibus edition, Symbiose (Dino, 2002) and a Spanish language omnibus, Divide y Vencerás (Recerca Editorial, 2006).]

Four Andorians, Jhen, Okud, Mako and the female Tolin, use an Iconian gateway to invade Tellar and retrieve the five colAndor Scrolls, which were supposed to have been part of an early cultural exhibition and intended to show the Tellarites of a different way to organise their government. They swap the Scrolls for a small kneeling figurine of a female Andorian cleric. [Pocket Books' Gateways: Doors into Chaos (2001) by Robert Greenberger.]

TNG WarriorTNG Andorian admiral

Andorian warriors have held a bitter grudge against the Palami race for 50 years, due to the Palami releasing a deadly plague upon Federation planets. An Andorian admiral of Starfleet advises Picard when the Palami mission is under threat. [WildStorm Comics' Forgiveness graphic novel (2001) by David Brin and Scott Hampton.]

TNG Andorian in Away team

An Andorian medical officer, Sirta D'Qua of the USS Incursion, can be selected for a Starfleet away team. D'Qua was invited to join Starfleet, and then the Incursion's crew, after filling in on a prior mission for the downed Chief Medical Officer, and healing dozens of wounded crewmembers in the midst of combat. [Activision's CD-ROM game, Star Trek: Away Team (2001).]

Lieutenant th'Vrass is an Andorian posted to Starbase 19 during the Dominion War. [The Battle of Betazed (Pocket, 2002) by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney.]

An Andorian medical technician, Po, works in the medical facility of the Daystrom Insitute of Technology on Galor IV. Archive footage of an Andorian guest speaker at a Vulcan scientific symposium is used by the Enterprise crew to solve a mystery. [Immortal Coil (Pocket, 2002) by Jeffrey Lang.]

Rakber was an Andorian waiter at the Pink Slipper, a sleazy bar on Protus. When he doublecrosses the elderly Klingon, Maltz, he is killed swiftly. [The Genesis Wave, Book 2 (Pocket, 2001) by John Vornholt.]

Admiral Necheyev's Andorian aide is a male named Dakjalu. [Genesis Force (Pocket, 2003) by John Vornholt.]

Captain Milus Verata is an Andorian in command of the USS Zhukov, an Ambassador class Starfleet starship. [Activision's CD-Rom game, Bridge Commander (2002).]

DS9 "The Dominan War" anthology

A blue hominid forearm, possibly belonging to an Andorian, is one of several holding a United Federation of Planets' flag. [Cover of Tales of the Dominion War (Pocket, 2004) edited by Keith RA DeCandido.]

A year after the Dominion War, Spock recognises two Andorian ambassadors at Starfleet Headquarters, th'Telos and zh'Shaav. [Vulcan's Soul, Book 1: Exodus (Pocket, 2004) by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz.]

Traveler-in-training, Wesley Crusher, is able to pass himself off as an Andorian, and other hominids, during a secret visit home. [A Time to Die (Pocket, 2004) by John Vornholt.]

Doctor Beverly Crusher has read a monograph on Andorian toxic encephalopathy by Doctor zh'Costeth. [A Time to Sow (Pocket, 2004) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

An Enterprise security officer is the Andorian Ensign Zelev th'Chun. [A Time to Sow (Pocket, 2004) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

Andorian assistant engineer, Diix, is assassinated and then impersonated by Kalsha, an alien using a camouflage shroud. [A Time to Sow and A Time to Harvest (Pocket, 2004) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

Enterprise officer Anh Hoang used to be a dancer. The fusion dance, she once performed, mixed an Andorian dance style with old-fashioned line dancing. [A Time to Love (Pocket, 2004) by Robert Greenberger.]

A male Andorian, a member of Section 31, is a silent witness to secrets in a mysterious basement. [A Time to Kill (Pocket, 2004) by David Mack.]

The current Andorian representative on the Federation Council is the often vitriolic Kellerasana zh'Faila. [A Time to Heal (Pocket, 2004) by David Mack.] zh'Faila is opposed to Ambassador Spock's reunification work on Romulus. [Titan: Taking Wing (Pocket, 2005) by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels.] She is a member of the UFP's Security Council. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

A female Andorian physician from the USS Republic attempts to save victims of terrorism on Tezwan. [A Time to Heal (Pocket, 2004) by David Mack.]

The new assistant to Federation Council's press liaison, Kant Jorel, is a male Andorian named Zhres. [A Time for War, a Time for Peace (Pocket, 2004) by Keith RA DeCandido.] His full name is revealed as Thanatazhres th'Vroth. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

An aphorism from Andorian philosopher Chasinthrof zh'Mai says, "One thing that never changes is that things will change." This was from her book entitled, New Sun, Old Sun. [A Time for War, a Time for Peace (Pocket, 2004) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Although a promising quote from John Logan, screenwriter of Star Trek Nemesis, went: "We are going to see some of the original series aliens that we haven't seen for a while. I can't go into detail, but I love the Andorians..." [Star Trek Communicator #132], none survived the final draft or cut. According to Picard in an early draft, Riker's bachelor party was attended by "three Andorians, two Tellarites and a Gorn". The Orion, a Federation delegate ship, was to have been captained by an elderly Andorian named Meelok, who taught Picard at the Academy. The final scene of the shooting script appeared to include a new female Andorian Ops officer [but not in Star Trek Nemesis, sigh].

Klingon Captain Klag admitted to having once read an erotic thriller novel of interspecies infidelity, involving an Andorian, a Damiani and all their partners in a romantic septangle. To him, it is almost reminiscent of Riker and Troi's honeymoon. ["Improvisations on the Opal Sea: A Tale of Dubious Credibility" by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels in Tales from the Captain's Table (Pocket, 2005).]

Andorian tuber root salad is served with Betazoid oskoid fronds on the USS Titan. [Titan: Taking Wing (Pocket, 2005) by Michael A Martin and Andy Mangels.]

A resurrected James T Kirk briefly relives the pain of Thelev's Andorian knife [TOS: Journey to Babel]. Later, a Reman doctor's voice sounded like a cross between a Klingon growl and an Andorian hiss. The Totality's Norinda, a shapeshifting alien, briefly takes on the appearance of an Andorian and other hominids after she is attacked. knife. [Captain's Blood (Pocket, 2003) by William Shatner with Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens.]

In times of negotiation, Andorians never make concessions. [Captain's Blood (Pocket, 2003) by William Shatner with Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens.]

Kirk recalls a recent mission on SS Belle Rêve during which an Andorian political prisoner, tortured by Klingons, had died while en route to Deep Space Nine. [Captain's Glory (Pocket, 2006) by William Shatner with Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens.]

Admiral Janeway tells Kirk his next mission is on Andor, where something has been found under the ice, but he seems to have alternative plans. [Captain's Glory (Pocket, 2006) by William Shatner with Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens.]

Ele'er of Bre'el IV mistakes a Bolian male for an Andorian chan. Later, an alien observer notes that an Andorian shen is identified as "Gender-two", and Andor itself as "Planet ACI", in the alien's database. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Fred MacDougan, of the UFP President's office, has been working closely with the Andorian Genetics Council. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

The presidential shuttle sh'Rothress is named for the Andorian Avaranthi sh'Rothress, one of the first UFP Presidents. While still a councilor representing Andor, she argued with the president of the day about the criteria for admitting new members into the UFP. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Former Starfleet officer and UFP President Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria, also known as Thelian, is too frail to attend the funeral of former President Jaresh-Inyo, but does appear on the current affairs program, Illuminating the City of Light. When he was UFP president, he oversaw the building of Chateau Thelian, in the Loire Valley of France, which is still used by the current President as the official residence. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

Ythrilasifsa sh'Zathrosia, also known as Ythril, is a former secretary of the interior. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

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  1. How many Andorians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Just one...Shran. That's right, Shran screws in all of Andoria's bulbs.

    He insists on it.

    (ENTERPRISE Season 4 Episode 8 - "Let there be light")


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