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ENT: A Rogues' Gallery

A Rogues' Gallery of Andorians (Recent updates)

The Vulcans consider their blue-skinned alien neighbours to be suspicious, volatile, aggressive and illogical. The Andorians, in turn, resent the Vulcans' superior reasoning and technology...

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Before the original series

ENT Andorian Imperial Guard

In an early incident involving the crew of the first Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise (NX-01), an Andorian terrorist faction, the Andorian Imperial Guard, launches a strike on a Vulcan monastic retreat, P'Jem.

These Andorians have movable antennae set close to their foreheads. They also have ears, bony temple ridges, another ridge down the back of the neck, and white hair and eyebrows. The Andorians seem to be knowledgeable about Vulcan mating rituals and, although they have access to spaceflight, they do not have transporter technology. [The Andorian Incident.]

ENT Shran

Led by Shran (played by Jeffrey Combs), the Andorian Imperial Guard believes that P'Jem is being used in a clandestine operation to observe Andoria, in violation of its treaty with Vulcan. In attempting to convince the Andorians that an invasion of their planet is not imminent, the Vulcans had determined the treaty. [The Andorian Incident.]

Shran's name is not mentioned during his first encounter with Captain Jonathan Archer. [Shadows of P'Jem.] His first name is revealed as Thy'lek. [Monitor screen biography in In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.] Shran's full name is said to be Hravishran th'Zoarhi. [The Good That Men Do (Pocket, 2007) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

ENT Tholos

Tholos (played by Steven Dennis) is Shran's colleague. He seems to take a liking to T'Pol, but it is not a mutual attraction. [The Andorian Incident.]

ENT KevalENT Thon

Shran is also accompanied by Keval (played by Jeff Ricketts; left) and Thon (played by Gregg Sargeant; right). [The Andorian Incident.]

(Introductory information about the Andorian species is available here. Information about the Andorian homeworld is available here.)

A short while later, Andorian commandos have destroyed the P'Jem sanctuary. A warning was given, thus no Vulcans were injured, but Vulcan High Command temporarily has suspended joint Earth/Vulcan fleet operations. The Vulcans describe their Andorian neighbours as "a dangerous and aggressive species", who destablised an entire sector within six months of expansion beyond their own planet. Andorian interference into political troubles on Coridan is seen by the Vulcans to be in violation of the Tau Ceti Accords. [Shadows of P'Jem.]

ENT Andorians on P'jem

Shran and Tholos believe that Vulcan is planning to declare war upon their race, and have monitored all Vulcan transmissions since confirming the use of P'Jem as a spy station. Shran rescues Archer from Coridan kidnappers and now considers that his previous debt to Archer, which has prevented him from sleeping, is now fully repaid. [Shadows of P'Jem.]

Andorian ale can be successfully used to distract Coridan guards. [Shadows of P'Jem.]

As a young boy, Jonathan Archer missed out on viewing a film in an Andorian exhibit at the Sol Museum of Aeronautical Science. [The short story, "A Girl for Every Star" by John Takis, in Strange New Worlds V (Pocket, 2002).] (If he had viewed the film, perhaps he would have been more prepared the first time he met Shran.)

Over 90 years before the launch of Archer's Enterprise, Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar was a representative during the formation of the Vulcan/Andorian Territorial Accords. [Fallen Hero.] The negotiations lasted for eight years and the final document is 1200 pages long. [Cease Fire.]

The Vulcan ambassador Soreth served on the Andorian front when he was with Vulcan High Command. [Ex Machina (Pocket, 2005) by Christopher L Bennett.]

A surgically altered Vulcan spy, Menos, claims to have sought a medical opinion about an ailment from a doctor on Andoria. [The Seventh.]

A military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians over Weytahn, a Class D planetoid near Vulcan, which was terraformed and colonised by Andorians almost a century earlier. The Andorian colonists were forcibly relocated to refugee camps to enforce the Territorial Compromise. Now known by the Vulcan name, Paan Mokar, the base is again claimed by both sides. When the Vulcans announce they wish to discuss terms for a "cease fire", Imperial Guard Commander Shran believes the only person he can trust to mediate such a negotiation is Jonathan Archer. The captain and the Enterprise are called into the fray. [Cease Fire.]

ENT Tarah

A tall Andorian female, Lieutenant Tarah (played by Suzie Plakson; stunts by Katie Rowe), is Shran's first officer, but is her loyalty in question? [Cease Fire.]

ENT Telev

An Andorian Imperial Guard Captain, Telev (played by Christopher Shea), leads the fleet of three Andorian vessels called to Shran's assistance. [Cease Fire; Ships of the Line (Pocket, 2006).]

ENT Group of soldiersENT SoldierENT Soldier 1

An Andorian soldier (played by Zane Cassidy; center) and four others were part of Shran's regiment on Weytahn. [Cease Fire.]

ENT Tarah's soldierENT Tarah's soldier 2

Two soldiers (one played by David Venafro; right) were loyal to Tarah. She ordered the soldiers to fire on the shuttlepod that was carrying Archer, and Ambassador Soval, to peace talks with Shran. After Archer escaped from the crashed shuttlepod, the two soldiers attacked him. [Cease Fire.]

Andorian hand weapons have no stun setting. [Cease Fire.] Some soldiers carry particle rifles. [Art Asylum's "Shran the Andorian" action figure.]

In the 24th century, Doctor Selar views a photographic image of Shran and Tarah meeting with Captain Archer and some Vulcans [in the short story "Q'andary" by Terri Osbourne in New Frontier: No Limits (Pocket, 2003).]

Shran gives Archer and Porthos a tour of Shran's home city on Andoria, and introduces Archer to the enigmatic Captain's Table bar, to thank him for his efforts to gain peace between the Vulcans and Andorians. Archer is encouraged to try the Andorian version of Scotch whiskey. ["Have Beagle, Will Travel: The Legend of Porthos" by Louisa M Swann in Tales from the Captain's Table (Pocket, 2005).]

In an alternate future, Captain Trip Tucker refers to Shran as having the rank of General. [Twilight.]

ENT Andorian shuttlepodENT Andorian starship

An Andorian transport pod belongs to Shran's Imperial War Cruiser Kumari. [Proving Ground.] Kumari was named for the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria. [United.]

ENT Kumari bridge
ENT Kumari officerENT Kumari officer 2

Shran brings his vessel into The Delphic Expanse to assist Captain Archer and the Enterprise to investigate the Xindi threat. [Proving Ground.]

ENT Talas

Shran's female tactical officer is Lieutenant Talas (played by Molly Brink). Her mother was a commander in the Andorian Imperial Infantry. [Proving Ground.]

ENT Extra

Shran's bridge is crewed by several male Andorians (including one crewman played by Doug Mirabello). [Proving Ground.]

Shran's brother was apparently killed during a border skirmish with Vulcans while Shran was still in school. T'Pol described early relations between Vulcan and Andoria to be harmonious. Ultimately the Andorians proved themselves to be duplicitous, only honouring agreements that suited them. [Proving Ground.]

ENT General

Shran consults with an Andorian General (played by Granville Van Dusen, replacing Ted Sutton, who originally filmed scenes for the role). The General insists that Shran proceed with his mission to take the Xindi weapon for Andor, but Shran warns that it would be foolish to make enemies of the humans when they might be valuable allies. [Proving Ground.]

ENT Andorian ale bottle

After some tense times in The Expanse, Captain Archer invites T'Pol and Tucker to his quarters to share some Andorian ale. [Proving Ground.]

ENT Andorian symbol

Andorian symbols can be seen on the bridge bulkheads and hand-held PADDs. [Proving Ground.]

A cerulean blue obelisk stands in Andor's octagonal Plaza of Freedom as a monument to an Andorian named Shran. [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1, Pocket, 2004.]

ENT crewmen

Shran lends assistance to Archer's ship in The Delphic Expanse during Enterprise's showdown with the Xindi by claiming to represent the Andorian Mining Consortium, which "runs from no one!" Again, Shran's ship is manned by several male officers (including the bridge officers played by Zachary Aaron Krebs and Glen Hambly). [Zero Hour.]

It has been confirmed that, in the true future timeline, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites will one day be present on Earth to establish the United Federation of Planets. In a possible alternate future (approx. 2250), the Battle of Procyon V was the site of a victory over the transdimensional Sphere-builders. [Zero Hour.]

After the Xindi attack on Earth, suspicions about aliens on Earth result in an Andorian and two Rigellians being assaulted. [Home.]

The Enterprise sets course for Andoria after the Vulcan High Command proceeds with a plan to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Andorians. [Awakening.]

ENT Interrogator

The Vulcan High Command uses false readings to give the illusion of an impending attack on Weytahn. Acting on orders, Shran and two male crewmen (one played by David Venafro; above) torture Soval to confirm information about the Vulcan's plans for Andoria. [Kir'Shara.]

A female lieutenant (voiced by Melodee M Spevack) communicates from the bridge of Kumari. [Kir'Shara.]

Shran, Talas and the Kumari were escorting an Imperial Command ship carrying the Andorian ambassador to trade negotiations with the Tellarites on Babel, which Earth has organised in the interest of fostering successful future alliances. A remote Romulan prototype vessel, disguised as a Tellarite ship, attacks both Andorian vessels. The ambassador's ship is destroyed outright and Kumari suffers an imminent reactor breach. [Babel One.]

ENT Kumari survivors

Only nineteen survivors (including Talas), many severely injured (three played by David Venafro, Nathan Effron, and Glen Hambly, left to right), are rescued from a crew of 86. Many of the victims, their spouses and children, were well known to Shran, who had been captain of Kumari, the first vessel of its class, for twelve years. [Babel One.]

ENT Andorian medical dressings
Andorian medical dressings.

The Enterprise has the conference's Tellarite party on board because the Andorian government won't permit Tellarite vessels to traverse Andorian space to reach Babel. Archer retrieves the Andorian escape pods and tries to keep the "blue demons", as the Tellarites call the Andorians, away from the other passengers. [Babel One.]

Andorian combat vessels have hulls made of duranium alloy. They have more advanced technology than Tellarite vessels. Copies of the sensor logs of Kumari survived in the data recorder, which Archer refers to as the "black box". Six Andorian vessels have recently been destroyed by suspected Tellarite attacks. [Babel One.]

Now Shran's lover, Talas (played by Molly Brink; stunts by Bevin Kaye Franco) recently made an overture to Shran, and he was forced to either charge her with assaulting a superior officer or mate with her. Andorian females are more aggressive than human females. [Babel One.]

Shran and Talas devise a ruse to have revenge on the Tellarite party, whom they believe know about the attacks. Stripped to her underwear, Talas tells a Tellarite that Andorian women are permitted one final fling before their wedding. Despite Archer breaking up the melee, Talas is shot by a phase pistol wielded by Naarg the Tellarite. [Babel One.]

ENT Crewman

One Kumari crewman (played by Kim Koscki) is fired upon by an Enterprise MACO. [Babel One.]

Although Talas was only grazed by the Tellarite's phase pistol, it was set to kill - and Andorians are highly suspectible to such an injury. Talas succumbs, and Shran promises not to let her die unavenged. She was born into a privileged family, her parents were wealthy and Talas had her choice of careers. She needn't have ever felt discomfort; nstead she pledged her life to the Andorian Imperial Guard. [United.]

Archer realises that Starfleet, Tellarite and Andorian vessels would have to work together to thwart the mysterious ship, but doubts that Andorians and Tellarites could obey orders from one another. [United.]

ENT DuelENT Ushaan-tor

When Andorian guardsmen die heroically, a vial of their blood is collected and carried back to the ice of Andoria and the Wall of Heroes. Shran pours some of Talas's blood onto Naarg's palm, thus challenging him to Ushaan, a traditional Andorian duel-to-the-death. It is a respected Andorian tradition. Shran (played by Jeffrey Combs; stunts by Kim Koscki) fights such a duel with Archer, who stands in for the Tellarite who murdered Talas to preserve the tenuous future of the alliance between the species. The duel uses tethered metal gauntlets, and a weapon called an ushaan-tor, originally an ice-miner's tool, often played with by Andorian children. [United; based on a term first coined in The Andorians: Among the Clans by S. John Ross, Steven S. Long and Adam Dickstein (Last Unicorn Games, 1999).]

Shran repects Archer as a friend and therefore he regularly provides a voice for Starfleet with the Imperial Guard. Shran will have to kill his friend in the duel or call it off, losing face. Archer tells Hoshi Sato to research the Code of the Ushaan to find a loophole that would enable a forfeiture without causing offence. For example, either combatant can withdraw if they have no offspring to continue his clan, but this only applies if the combatant is married. The Code has 12000 amendments. [United.]

ENT Andorian ushaan observers

Andorian metabolism is higher than a human's, so Doctor Phlox recommends that Archer keep Shran moving to exhaust him. Shran is accompanied to the dual by three male Andorian attendants from the former Kumari's crew. Archer wins a reprieve by slicing off Shran's left antenna. Shran would have preferred Archer to have cut off his head. The loss of the antenna renders him defenceless in battle, and greatly affects his sense of balance, but will grow back within nine months. (This time can be halved through electrical stimulation and brisk cranial massage.) [United.]

ENT Gareb

Gareb (played by Scott Allen Rinker), an Andorian-like hominid with white skin and eyes, is revealed to be the mysterious pilot of the Romulan marauder vessel. [United; first featured in Babel One, but not named until The Aenar.]

It is confirmed that the drone vessel is being operated remotely through telepresence, an experimental technology once investigated by the Andorians, but ultimately rejected. The closest genome to the detected brainwave patterns of the highly telepathic pilot is Andorian. Shran tells Archer what he knows about the secretive, reclusive Aenar (pronounced EE-nar). They are a rare, albino telepathic Andorian subspecies. Almost mythical, the Aenar had been rumoured to dwell in the arctic subterranean caves on Andoria, using old, abandoned Andorian abodes and tunnels. Their continued existence was confirmed by scientists only 50 years ago. The Aenar are known pacifists. Each Aenar antenna has a small "V" shaped notch in the cup. [The Aenar.]

ENT Andorian ice bores

Andorian ice bores are worm-like creatures that move vertically, in swarms, through the subterranean layers of Andoria. As a boy, Shran had an encounter with ice bores which caused third degree burns to over half of his body. [The Aenar.]

Andorian cities are built underground and are connected by tunnels thousands of kilometres long. Shran and Archer beam down to the Andorian arctic surface to a temperature of 28 degrees below zero. (Elsewhere, temperatures do go above freezing for several weeks at a time and heat waves have been known every few years.) Shran states that "Ice forges real strength." Shran didn't even see the sun until he was fifteen years old. [The Aenar.]

ENT Lissan

Lissan (played by Alicia Adams) is an Aenar leader, who agrees to have Shran's injury seen to, after he impales his leg on a sharp ice stalagmite. The Aenar are reluctant to intervene in Gareb's situation with the drone ship because it will involve violence. It is expected that permission is sought before an Aenar reads a person's mind. [The Aenar.]

ENT Aenar

Lissan is assisted by two Aenar guards (played by Glen Hambly and Nathan Effron). Appointed Speaker in this matter, Lissan learns about Archer when the Andorian chancellor contacts her species. [The Aenar.]

ENT Aenar physician

Meanwhile, a physician (played by Robert Schwertzer) tends to Shran's wound. [The Aenar.]

ENT Jhamel

Gareb's sister, Jhamel (played by Alexandra Lydon), can tell that Shran is a "blue skin" even though she is blind, as are all Aenar. There is a scientific reason for their inability to see, but Jhamel doesn't know the explanation. [The Aenar.]

When two Romulan marauder drones are set upon the Enterprise, they take on Tellarite and Andorian battleship guises. Jhamel is able to make contact with Gareb through the telepresence units and warn him that he will kill many more people, including Jhamel, if he continues. [The Aenar.]

Jhamel's full name is Thirijhamel zh'Dhaven. Her shelthreth bondmates, all blind Aenar, are Anitheras th'Lenthar, Onalishenar ch'Sorichas and Lahvishri sh'Ralaavazh, otherwise known as Theras, Shenar and Vishri. Their joining is conducted by Lissan of the Aenar. [The Good That Men Do (Pocket, 2007) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

ENT Archer biography

The database of the time-slipped Constitution Class starship, USS Defiant [of the original series' The Tholian Web], now in the possession of the Mirror Universe's Jonathan Archer, reveals that General Thy'lek Shran made Starfleet's Captain Archer an honorary member of the Andorian Guard in 2154. Archer serves as Ambassador to Andoria from Earthdates 2169 to 2175, before being elected a UFP Councilman (2175-2183) and then UFP President (2184-2192). [In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.]

The Defiant and the ISS Avenger work together to destroy Mirror Universe ships belonging to the Rebellion, which includes Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans. At least one rebel Andorian vessel is destroyed. [In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.]

ENT Mirror Universe crewmember

A male Andorian helmsman (played by Glen Hambly) wears Terran Empire uniform and serves on the ISS Avenger in the Mirror Universe. He is present when the crew is addressed by Mirror Archer, but later assists Soval in commandeering the Avenger and attacking the USS Defiant. He is killed, along with the rest of the Avenger crew when the Defiant returns fire. Presumably, the Mirror Universe's Andorians were one of the many races conquered by the Terran Empire. [In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.]

ENT Mirror Universe 3
Unused book cover featuring Mirror Shran.

The Mirror Universe's Empress Hoshi Sato takes, as her consort, the Mirror Universe's counterpart of Thy'lek Shran. [Age of the Empress in Mirror Universe, Volume 1: Glass Empires (Pocket, 2007) by Mike Sussman with Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.]

The facially-scarred Andorian Ambassador Quirsh, nominally a sergeant but now in charge of Andoria's trade legation to the Thelasian Trading Confederacy, believes that Captain Archer only pretended to befriend Guardsman Shran at P'Jem. [Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]

The female Andorian First Technician and linguist, R'shee Theera of the Andorian Science Service, served on the Andorian cruiser, Lokune, which was destroyed by an alien race. Theera, the apparent lone survivor of a crew of 70, and a former member of the Andorian Security Division, had been working on the Universal Translator project, and has now been ordered by the Imperial Council of Andoria to assist Kanthropian mediators to translate the aliens' signals. Her amnesia means that she is unable to help Ensign Hoshi Sato of the Enterprise, or contribute anything useful. The Kanthropian virtual library has numerous volumes of information and a medical database on Andorians. A Klingon mind-sifter has never been successful on an Andorian, and Hoshi feels responsible when the device gets used on Theera. During an unexpected consciousness-merging with Theera, Hoshi wonders if Theera is part telepathic Aenar, but eventually realizes that Theera has been replaced by a shapeshifting alien android duplicate. [Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]

At mealtime, Hoshi watched Theera order Andorian roasted flatroot, a brownish orange Andorian vegetable dish, and imparay redbat, a meat dish. Andorian faridd was an accompanying beverage. [Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]

Theera's husband is Second Commander Jakon of the Imperial Science Consortium. He is one of Andoria's most significant biochemists. [Rosetta (Pocket, 2006) by Dave Stern.]

ENT Coalition's Andorian delegates

Several Andorian delegates (one played by Glen Hambly), in Andorian Imperial Guard uniforms, are present to discuss the formation of a Coalition of Planets on Earth. [Demons; Terra Prime.]

An unexpected glitch in the Enterprise's Universal Translators is transposing Andorian phrases for Rigellian. [Demons.]

ENT Thoris

The new Andorian ambassador is Thoris (played by Joel Swetow), who attends alliance talks on Earth. [Terra Prime.] His full name is said to be Anlenthoris ch'Vhendreni. [The Good That Men Do (Pocket, 2007) by Andy Mangels and Michael A Martin.]

ENT Jewel thief Shran

Six years later, as the Enterprise concludes its historic mission, Archer is contacted by Shran, who supposedly turned jewel thief, and has been assumed dead for three years. [These Are the Voyages...]

ENT Talla

No longer a member of the Imperial Guard, Shran explains that he and Jhamel have a five-year old daughter, Talla (played by Jasmine Anthony), who has been kidnapped. On the eve of the forming of the United Federation of Planets, at which Archer must deliver a speech, the Enterprise must take Shran to Rigel X to retrieve Talla. Presumably named for Shran's deceased lieutenant, Talas, and reflecting Jhamel's Aenar heritage, the young Talla has a pale complexion. [These Are the Voyages...]

Chef suggests that Andorian Cabbage Soup would be an appropriate menu addition now that Shran is aboard. [These Are the Voyages...]

ENT The Romulan War

Shran plays a central role during the Earth-Romulan War. [The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing (Pocket, 2009) by Michael A Martin.]

Krotus was a noted historical despot who, in the opinion of Fleet Captain Garth of Izar, was among others who failed to achieve Garth's ideal of ultimate conquest. [TOS: Whom Gods Destroy.] Krotus was the Ka'Thelan Conqueror of Andoria, who forced the Andorian populace into a new cultural and technological era. His empire ultimately crumbled and he was murdered by his own daughter. [The Andorians: Among the Clans by S John Ross, Steven S Long and Adam Dickstein (Last Unicorn Games, 1999) [The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing (Pocket, 2009) by Michael A Martin.]

Ambassador Sarahd of Andor was present for the signing of the charter of the United Federation of Planets, according to an article on a scrapbook page from Captain Jean-Luc Picard's album. The ambassador spoke of "future greatness for the infant union" and "predicted rapid expansion". He engaged in bitter fracas with the Tellarite ambassador, but was named as the UFP's first Vice President. [Star Trek Generations; album displayed at the Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas Hilton.]

The Andorian Avaranthi sh'Rothress was one of the first UFP presidents. While still a councilor representing Andor, she argued with the President of the day about the criteria for admitting new members into the UFP. [Articles of the Federation (Pocket, 2005) by Keith RA DeCandido.]

An Andorian female named Corspa Zenar served as first officer on the Christopher, an early Starfleet vessel. [Serialised novel Starfleet: Year One by Michael Jan Friedman, Pocket, 2000; available as a complete book, 2002.]

Ducheddet of Andor was a member of an early United Federation of Planets constitutional committee. Andor is said to be in the Aratain Sector, as is Tellar. [Starfleet: Year One by Michael Jan Friedman, Pocket, 2002.]

Cadet Spock of Vulcan tells his mother, Amanda, that at least one Andorian was on the crew of Captain April's Enterprise. Amanda's garden on Vulcan included the intricate blue network of an Andorian puzzle-leaf plant. [Starfleet Academy: Crisis on Vulcan by Brad & Barbara Strickland, Minstrel, 1996.]

SUP Early Andorian

A male Andorian in traditional costume passes the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) while it is moored in Spacedock. ["Flesh of My Flesh", #1, Star Trek: Early Voyages (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1997).]

SUP Mahirn

Admiral Mahirn, introduced in Marvel/Paramount Comics' "The Flat, Gold Forever", #7, Star Trek: Early Voyages (1997), was the Andorian godfather of Captain Christopher Pike of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

SUP Female Andorian captain

A female Andorian captain is a patron of The Captain's Table tavern [on the cover of The Captain's Table: Where Sea Meets Sky by Jerry Oltion, Pocket, 1998], and is present when Christopher Pike tells a tale to his fellow captains.

Visiting the Paris pastry shop run by Vina's parents, Pike notices a holographic display featuring an Andorian ballerina. [Burning Dreams by Margaret Wander Bonanno, Pocket, 2006.]

Andorian ships use a unique power formula, and this seems to match an unidentified ship which hides in an area of space known as the Blue Zone. The engineer of this vessel is an Andorian named Okenga. [Best Destiny by Diane Carey, Pocket, 1992.]

In a flashback story to the early career of James T Kirk, we discover that the then-lieutenant's first romantic interest at Starfleet Academy was the black-eyed Andorian cadet, Phelana Yudrin. [The novel My Brother's Keeper: Republic by Michael Jan Friedman (Pocket, 1999).] They are briefly reunited on the Enterprise fourteen years later, and again at Gary Mitchell's memorial service. Phelana held the rank of commander. Former second officer of the USS Hood, she was working on a mysterious Starfleet project near the Klingon Neutral Zone. Phelana enjoys eating kaizis sprouts. [My Brother's Keeper: Enterprise by Michael Jan Friedman (Pocket, 1999).]

SUP Starfleet officer

Lieutenant Kirk, recovering from the incident on the USS Farragut which killed his captain, observes a female Andorian Starfleet officer arriving at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. [DC Comics' Debt of Honor graphic novel (1992) by Chris Claremont.]

During his time as First Officer of the heavy cruiser USS El Dorado, Kirk served under a legendary Andorian captain, Prince Fiawol, who was also Subarch of Trexlor. (Fiawol is named for the science fiction fans' catchphrase, "Fandom is a way of life".) The crew represented an experimental mix of many races and was 23 percent Andorian, according to a book, Starship Crewmen Under Stress by Dr David Marano. ["Kirk" in Star Trek II Biographies by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1982.]

Before joining the crew of the USS Enterprise, Uhura had a boyfriend who collected science fiction novels, including the work of a popular Andorian writer, Tasmeel. ["Uhura" in Star Trek II Biographies by William Rotsler, Wanderer, 1982.]

An early Andorian religious prophet was Umarin. Her messages were of friendship, joy, and a passion for life, combined with a regimen of physical and mental readiness for leadership. [Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Narrator's Guide (Decipher, 2002).]

SUP Alternate universe Andorian

In an alternate future visited by Yeoman Mia Colt, a male Andorian crewmember serves on the USS Enterprise-A with Commander Jose Tyler. ["Futures", #12, in Marvel/Paramount Comics' Star Trek: Early Voyages (1998).]

SUP Yssir

We also meet the rebel James T Kirk's female Andorian Ops officer, Yssir. ["Future Tense", #13, and "Now and Then", #15, Star Trek: Early Voyages (Marvel/Paramount Comics, 1998).]

Andorians in Star Trek (2009)

While in a shuttlecraft taking him to the USS Enterprise for the first time, Doctor Leonard McCoy complains about the many dangers of venturing into space, including Andorian shingles, a disease which supposedly causes "bleeding from your eye sockets..." ["Star Trek" movie (2009).] This comment is probably sparked by McCoy noticing an Andorian cadet sitting elsewhere in the shuttlecraft. ["Star Trek" novelization by Alan Dean Foster (Pocket, 2009).]

In a parody news report, we are promised hours of bonus footage of the discussion of a plan to rescue the Andorian ambassador from the surface of Sylax IV. ["Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'", (The Onion, 2009.]

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